Hey Everyone!!!

Ok So I swear I don't go an outfit without wearing something from Forever 21...Im obsessed with their cheap and trendy clothing...I admit it......But.....

Ever go into Forever 21 and see all the Love and Beauty makeup?? Usually most just pass this by....because who would buy makeup at Forever 21????

Well I decided to NOT pass them up and try them out for you. You can decide after my review if you think it is worth passing them up or purchasing them!!

First Up....the Mega Mascara by Love and Beauty. This was around $3.80.

It comes in cute and basic packaging!!! The applicator is your generic size and shape mascara applicator.

My FIRST Impressions....YES this is my eye with very neutral eyeshadow so you could see the mascara. On the left is the eye with mascara....On the right is my eye without mascara.
You can obviously tell there is mascara on....so theres a start.


Ok So These creepy pictures are my eyes without and with mascara. The one on the left is without and on the right is with.
As you can see...with your own eyes.....I do not feel like it added volume....or length to my lashes. It didn't really claim to do that though. It did coat my eyelashes well for the first time. It didn't clump and it was easy to apply.
It was very wet for the first application as well. It took over 1 minute to get dry...which was kind of annoying.
Overall my first application was ok. I didn't mind the mascara. It didn't cause irritation in my eye.....It just didn't do much but coat my eyelashes in black.

OK so after a couple times of use....this is what the brush began to look like.....LOOK AT THAT CLUMPY MESS ON THE END! Kind of gross. You can also see that the mascara is very wet....I am hoping it starts to dry out to see if it works better dried out.
Because of that clumpiness after a couple applications it started to go on my eyelashes clumpy which is disappointing.

Overall......I do not suggest this mascara for people who want volume and length....which most people do in a mascara. With the technology and mascaras there are now a days.....go ahead and pass this product up at Forever 21. It's nothing to get excited about....bummer.
DON'T WORRY EVERYONE.....I didn't ONLY purchase a mascara...a Love and Beauty Eyeliner review will be on its way......maybe we will have better luck with the eyeliner!?
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