This is the ELF Lip Primer and Plumper. I got this off of their website from my HUGE ELF Haul I made a couple months ago. I have use this product here and now and wanted to share my thoughts!!!
I believe this product is $3.00. You can ELF products at Target and some K-marts I believe or you can go on to find this product.
This is one of their studio products.
On the left is the plumper and on the right is the primer.

The primer is on the top and the plumper is on the bottom.

As you can see the primer is a very neutral base. It almost seems like a cream lipstick on your lips. It is used to neutralize your lips so when you apply color it will show true to the lipstick color. This primer is decent and really neutralizes your lips which is the point. I find it is just as great to use my lipstick without the primer.

This one is a clear lip plumper. It is almost a glossy clear lip product. When you put on the lip plumper, it obviously is supposed to plump your lips which I do not feel like it did. It has a very cooling affect and you can feel it "working" immediately. Although the cooling affect, turns into a BURNING affect. I usually don't hate products but I HATE this one. I had to take this picture fast because the product hurts!?!?!? I'm pretty sure a lip product shouldn't burn your lips off.
 Anyways, overall the primer seems to be an ok product but I really don't use it that much and don't find it useful for everday use. The plumper side which I thought I would use more is awful and burn my lips. I would never buy this product again. I hate to rip on the product but I just do not feel like this is worth even the $3 it sells for.
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