Hey Everyone,
I bought this product about a month ago and I busted it out last week and I am almost through the entire gloss!!!
This is the ELF Hypershine Gloss.
I purchased this lipgloss at Target for.....$1!!! That is right...if you have 4 quarters you can purchase this product too!!
I got this gloss in Fairy. I believe they had 2 other colors but there might be more!! I am not sure.
The gloss has a brush tip applicator. The product twists up from the bottom into the brush tip applicator.
The product is a great product for $1! It is not that sticky and stays for quite a long time. Although this is a great gloss...it is very sheer....which actually I prefer because sometimes I just want a gloss finish over my lips with just a light sheer tint.
These are comparable to the Stila lip glazes. Stila lip glaze is around $22. No way would I spend that money when I can go to Target with my dollar and get this very comparable product!!!!

This is the product on my lips.

As you can see, there is no glittery just a sheen nice gloss!!
Overall, don't pass this product up at Target! If you are looking for a good gloss, I highly suggest this gloss. Especially if you are looking to buy the Stila lip glazes. Heck you could buy every single one and still not get close to the price of one Stila lip glaze!!!! I say go for this instead!!!
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