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I wanted to share some great fall jackets that I LOVE :) These are great pieces that I layer clothes under and they are perfect for crazy unpredictable weather in fall....yet very fashionable :)
I wore the same outfit so you could see the jacket rather than my outfit underneath. There are so many ways to wear these jackets.

1. Army Jacket:
                       This is from TjMaxx. I got this for about $20!!! I love this jacket. It is very lightweight so I love layering underneath it. It is also waterproof and it also really blocks the wind. It has two nice size pockets in the front. It also has a drawstring around the waist.

3. Mini Khaki Trench Coat: American Eagle. This is a 3/4 length sleeve jacket. It is also kind of cropped. I usually wear this jacket on warmer days because it is a lighter jacket. I got this a couple seasons ago but Im pretty sure it was around $30 or $35 buckets. I love the toggle button that are leather...so CUTE!

3. Camel Jacket: This is from Forever 21. I got this for around $30?  This is a cloth material....almost like a sweatershirt material. I love this jacket!! Camel goes with so much in my wardrobe so this is a go-to jacket of mine. Plus it is very soft!!! This is definitely a transitional jacket for fall to winter.

4. Leather Jacket: Everyone needs a leather jacket!! This is more like pleather though. This jacket is from Forever 21. I love their leather jackets. They have some great ones out right now for very affordable prices. This one was around $35. I love the zipper detailing....it makes me look tough....but the gray softens it to make it look chic. This jacket is SO WARM too!!! I sometimes pull this into witner on a warmer winter day.

5. Last BUT NOT LEAST: A Basic Black Trench Coat: This is from Old Navy. I believe this jacket was on sale for like $25 or $30!? I feel like this is just a very basic jacket to have. I usually wear this when I dress up because it just a classy and dressier jacket. It is a thick cloth material. Plus this goes with like EVERYTHING!

Hopefully you like my 5 Fall Jackets!!!!!!! Layer them....accessorize them.....and make your boring basic jacket new again! There are so many great affordable jackets out there!!!

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