Hey Everyone!

So I received my September Birchbox!!! I am very excited to receive my 2nd birchbox!! So here is what I got......

If you don't know birchbox is a sample subscription service that you can receive for $10/month. You get samples of new or trendy products....

1. The Fall Look Book--The first thing I got in my birchbox was this little fall lookbook with trends for fall with nails, skincare, makeup...etc. Good Job Birchbox...I like it.

2. OF COURSE I got a perfume sample. This is the new perfume by Kate Spade in Twirl. Ok, my gripe with this is that it is a floral scent.....and IM pretty sure my last box contained a floral scent. AND I am NOT a fan of heavy floral scents. So maybe if I am in a floraly scent feeling day, I will use this up :)

3. Hollywood Fashion Secrets- Fashion Tape Assortment Pack. Not too shabby. I will actually really love to try out the temporary hem tape one because lack of heighth.
4. Color Club Nailpolish Mini in Insta-This. This was a color specifically made by birchbox. AND I LOVE IT!!! I don't have a color like this and cobalt blue is very very in this fall so I am so excited. Actually I already put this on my nails...that is how excited I am :)

5. Jouer Matte Moisture Tint-- Finally a real true makeup sample. I am excited to try this out because I love actual makeup samples to try. And apparently it has SPF 15 and is oil free.

6. Skin-Soy Body Whip.....Wait a second...didn't I get something EXACTLY LIKE THIS LAST BOX!? Uh This one I was disappointed. Although it smells nice and this is a very generous sample size. I just got a body whip last box so I don't know. I will definitely use it up but I am kind of bummed about another body whip!

7. Twist Band in red lace- Last but not least....I actually like this!! This is a full on product or material thing? I dont know but Ive seen these everywhere and can't wait to check it out! I love hair ties that are cute and don't snag on your hair since my crazy curly frizz ball is in fragile shape :)
Well that is it for my September Birchbox. Let me know if you got your September Birchbox and what you got in your box!!!
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Until Next Time....