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So I was so excited because this past month sometime I found a very high end product for SUCH a steal at Tjmaxx.....

I have been in need of a hydrating eye cream that helps with my fine lines and just helps to hydrate my under eye. I have been so dry under my eyes which was causing my concealer to settle into those dry fine lines.....YUCK.

The product I bought is called DDF Protective Eye Cream UV Moisturizer with SPF 15.

Now I know DDF has amazing face products that are higher end. I looked up this product when I got home and saw it was selling for $52.00 on the DDF website. $52!!!!!!!!

Guess how much I got this for at TjMaxx??.....Come on....guess......


Their Claims:
 Helps protect the fragile eye area from UV damage
Minimizes Fine Lines
Helps moisturize

My Claims:
Burned my eyes and made them tear up the moment I put it on.
Smelled like straight up sun-tan lotion...SO STRONG
Love the pump*** (my only pro to this product!)
Made my eyes bloodshot

Now, This product could actually hydrate and minimize fine lines....but I wouldn't know because I had to wash it off immediately because of the burning and irriation in my eyes.

Now I wear contacts and I do have sensitive eyes so this could be the issue. So maybe I had trouble because I wear contacts......but I do not suggest this product......ESPECIALLY at full price! If you want this product, buy it at TjMaxx or on Amazon. Otherwise pass this up and try something else that might work better.

7 bucks wasted....at least it wasn't $52!!!
NOW with that being said, ANY SUGGESTIONS!???? I don't want to spend a ton of money on eye cream but I do want something hydrating and it doesn't have to have SPF either. I want something that works!!
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