Hey Everyone,
Today I am posting FIVE FALL TRENDS that you should have in your closet!!!!

1. Crossbody Bags

Why have the fuss of holding your bag when you can go hands free. These bags are amazing!!!

2. BOOTS, Booties, Boots

     Like every fall season, it is the time for boots. Invest in a good pair though! I had a pair of brown riding boots from over 5 seasons ago. I finally had to retire them this year because they were just falling apart and ruined.

There are so many styles of boots out there! Knee-high, Over-the-knee high, Short, Bootie style and of course UGGS (yeah thats right I love uggs because they are so comfty!)...Get what you like and what you will get the most wear out of. I like having a pair of riding boots for everyday style and a pair of heeled booties that I can wear on a date night! :)

3. Chunky

.....yes Chunky is in....chunky necklaces, chunky sweaters, chunky bracelets......so why be thin when CHUNKY IS IN!?


4. Wine

No, not the drink but the color. This deep plumy "wine" color is such a beautiful choice for fall. I adore the big comfty cardigan and can pair it with many other colors!!!...Also a cute plumy wine colored dress is super cute with a jean jacket and a pair of boots!! Of course you also can't forget your nail color......

Sinful Colors in 'Rich in Heart'

5.Skinnies.....Did I say Chunky before? I meant Skinnies....UH Fashion is such an oxymoron...
             Anyways, skinny jeans, leggings, and pants are IN. But don't just buy them in your basic blue denim. Branch out into gray, teal, black, burgundy, mustard OR EVEN a super cute pattern! ....There are so many choices!!!

***Biggest thing with skinnies is try them on before you buy them. I tried on a pair of burnt orange ones and they just didn't look right.....but the teal ones are amazing!!

So these are my Five Favorite Fall Trends for Fall 2012. A lot of these trends can transition me from summer and then again into winter.....which is great because then I can get more use out of my closet!!!
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Have an amazing THURSDAY!