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So I have recently tried out some of Carol's Daughter products and wanted to share my thoughts on them!

Now, I saw these products through Macy's website....I bought a slipcover for our couch and then of course one things leads to another and I am in the beauty section online.

I saw the Carol's Daughter Lip Butters. I know of Korres Lip Butters are absolutely amazing but I wanted to try the Carol's Daugher Lip Butter because it was only $7.00. Along with the lip butter they sent me a sample of Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding. I love me some samples!!

So the Lip Butter comes in a small metal tin that has 0.4 oz of product. The product itself is a clear lip butter. I just apply it with my fingers. This product has no parabens, no mineral oil, no petroleum, no artificial colors which is a super plus! It is made out of cocoa butter which helps replenish your lips, sweet almond and jojoba oils which softens your lips, and beeswax which seals in moisture!!!

I am really bad with smells but I think it smells like an almond smell. I love almond smells so I really love the smell of this.

The texture of the lip butter has a little bit of grainyness (is that a word?...sure its an erin-made-up-this-word word) to the product but it also has that buttery grease feel to it BUT not in a greasy gross bad way.....in an extreme moisturize kind of way. I think the combination of the slight grainyness and the buttery feel makes it work perfectly. This product stays on my lips for hours and just soaks into my lips to keep them moisturized all day long!

Here are my lips with NOTHING on them

Here are my lips with Carol's Daughter Lip Butter

Overall, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It is absolutely taking over my ELF conditioning lip balm that I use every morning and night. I have very dry lips and this has completely solved that problem. I think its a slightly cheaper alternative to Korres Lip Butters other than it does not have any color pigment.

Here is the link to it on Macy's website: Carol's Daughter Lip Butter

I also got to try out a sample of Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding. On the packaging it says Style. Define. Hold. This product is a style product to hold, define, control your curls. It also has no parabens, mineral oils, no petroleum, and no artificial colors. YAY!

Before I state how the product worked, let me describe my hair. I do have naturally curly and frizzy hair. I am always trying to find products to throw in my hair that isn't heavy, helps my frizzies, and ISN'T sticky or flakey.

So this product is a white creamy product. I used about a quarter size and just put it in my damp hair on my ends and let dry!!

This product ACTUALLY is true to what it says. It does not leave my hair heavy, sticky, flakey, or frizzy. It made my hair feel like lightweight. It controlled my frizz and defined my curls making them look so pretty!!!! I also love the smell! It smells very fresh and clean!

My hands don't even get sticky from this product when I put it in my hair which always happens to me. The product is just so amazing and works so well. I am definitely considering splurging and getting the $22 tub of it!!!!

The full size 6oz tub is going for $22 at Macy's. Here is the link to the product on Macy's website:Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding

Overall, check out these products Carol's Daughter. If you have tried these products from this company or any other company, let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear about more products they have because I am just so happy with these!!

Hope you liked my review!
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