Hey Everyone!!!

So I have a very sensitive nose and I always have to have everything smelling nice all the time. SO I love candles!!! I am all about candles especially in the fall. They are just so nice to burn in the fall time and of course I love fall scents!!!

Now in no way do I know about every candle out there. These are just some of my favorite candles I know about and where I get them :) I never invest in those Yankee Candles...they are just way overpriced.....oh gosh I sound like my husband......moving on.....

1. Voluspa

.....In Champaca Bloom and Fern. I got this from Francescas Collections. It smells like flowers but in a perfumey kind of way. I don't know...I just love this scent!! Smells so goooddd!! This was about $18.00 for the large 12oz jar.

2. Walmart Candles

YES, Walmart candles are amazing. It is by the brand Mainstays....but the best part is they are SUPER cheap. A huge jar is 5 bucks and a medium jar is just like 3 bucks! Here are my favorite scents
  • Pumpkin Spice-Smells like a pumpkin!
  • Fresh Cotton-It has that fresh linen smell...Mmmmm
  • Mulled Cider-This is probably my favorite scent. It smells delicious like hot cider!
  • Blackberry- This is a great scent to burn with vanilla. So if you have a vanilla candle, burn this one at the same time and it smells heavenly :)
This is the medium size jar. $3.25
BONUS: I also use these jars around the house after the candle is done. I clean them and then spray paint them or decorate them and use them in my bathroom, for makeup storage, or anything!!! These jars are great for DIY projects!

3. Bath and Body Works

These are usually around 20 bucks each. The best thing to do is wait for a good store-wide deal or coupons!!! They just had their 2 for $20 deal so that is why I got these!!! :)

  • Mahogany Teakwood- This smells like Abercrombie....yes you know at the mall when your 5 stores down from this store and you can smell that Abercrombie smell....its awful BUT the actual smell is not bad (that store just makes it way too overpowering). This candle is a light scent of Abercrombie which I love!
  • Autumn- This is a great fall scent. It has a hint of apple and maybe pumpkin in it. I love this scent!

So those are my favorite candle scents....especially for FALL!!! Go try some out!
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