Ok so I am such a guru for watching Youtube videos on beauty and fashion etc. I became addicted to watching a TAG video on Summer's Most Worn. And then I thought, HEY I can TAG myself and do my Summer's Most Worn as a blog post :) Yes I am pathetic and I am also indecisive so don't mind my multiple products per section :)

So here are MY Summer's Most Worn:
  1.  Most worn nail polish- Um who can pick only 1 most worn nail polish!? These are my most worn throughout the summer. For most of July, I did have shellac for my wedding....WHICH WAS AMAZING (highly recommend shellac).
    • First one is Nailtiques Formula 2. I used this before my wedding to really strengthen my nails. I literally slapped on one coat a day and it saved my nails and made them SO strong. If you have problem nails, this is your solution.
    • Sinful Colors in Easy Going and 24/7. I love Easy Going for my hands...its a classic pinky color and it is SO opaque. You need 1 or 2 coats and it looks amazing. 24/7 I loved for my toes. It is like a neon bright pink. I always love neon bright colors for my toes in the summer!
    • Last is Essie Set in Stones. I loved layering this over my color with whatever color I had on. It was great to put on all the nails, a highlight nail, OR even put as glittery tips!

2) Most worn hair product- Organix  Penetrating Extra Strength Morroccan Oil. LOVE this stuff and use it everyday. I put it in damp hair after my leave-in conditioner and it leaves my hair silky and not frizzy.

3) Most worn bag- This bag I got in Utah. It was in a super cute boutique in Park City. It is an ivory leather bag with a brown leather crossbody strap. It has cuter buckles and zippers all over. It was a great bag I used this entire summer. Sorry for the bad quality picture.

4) Most worn shoes- American Eagle Sandals. I got them on sale for 20 bucks but they were so versatile that I wore them with everything! They are super comfty too!

5) Most worn accessories- Obviously its my wedding ring :).....being a newlywed yes I had to put this.

6) Most worn clothing item- Abercrombie White Shorts...I have owned these forever...literally maybe since high school. I bust em out every summer....they fit perfectly and go with lots of my summery tops!

7) Most worn foundation- It is probably between Revlon Colorstay Whipped and Relvon Photoready Airbrush. I am Natural Tan in the Colorstay Whipped and Medium Beige in the Photoready Airbrush. NOW I loved the Colorstay whipped and have blogged about it before. It lasts foreverrrr. Love it. The Photoready I have heard a lot of people do not like it. I like it because its very very lightweight. There isn't a whole lot of coverage but I liked it for summer. It also has a shimmeryness (ya thats not a word, I know) but again I liked it for summer.

8) Most worn blush and/or bronzer- Bronzer is the Ulta Minerals Bronzer. It glides on great and blends beautifully. Blush is ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral......and thats all I have to say about that.

9) Most worn lip product- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Charm. I think its a pretty summer color under a lipgloss. I always wear lipgloss over any lip color I wear because ya thats just how I am. :)

10) Most worn mascara- I have 2...because again I am indecisive and I used them equally a lot. DiorShow Blackout Waterproof mascara...wore on it my wedding and love it..gives my lashes dramaaa. Also the Full Exposure Smashbox...Im about out of this. I just purchased the Prestige My Blackest Lashes and I love it just as much and it was only 6.50 so it will be most likely my new love/most worn for mascara.

11) Most worn eyeshadow- Naked 2 Palette. Been using it a ton. Love the colors and the opacity of the colors!!

Those are my Most Worn for Summer 2012.....

:( Summer is over.....

Welcome Fall 2012! :)

Until Next Time....