Hey Everyone,

So I am so excited because Sephora opened up in our JcPenny!!! Now I don't have to drive 30+ minutes to the nearest Sephora! I decided to take a peak....and of course hoping I would get some free stuff! They did have a small give away for everyone who came in that day...so here is what I GOT! :)

1. Stri-Vectin-TL Tightening Neck Cream.
                      It says you can see results within 8 weeks.
                     What is does: Skin surface tightens;neck and jawline regains lift and contour
                      Full Size Price: $89.00 for 1.7 oz.
                      #1 Selling Neck Cream in America

2. Flora by Gucci Perfume Sample
                                I think it smells very clean and fresh with a hint of floral. It actually is a beautiful smell! The one thing I hate about this sample is I HATE perfume samples with the little plug on top and not the spray top. It makes me spill the perfume all over just wasting it. Dont you just hate that?!! Make them all little sprayers PEOPLE! Anyways......
                              Full Size Prices: For .25oz (Rollerball) is $25.00. For 1.0 oz is $52.00. For 2.5oz is $90.00.

3. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
                                   This argan oil is a daily moisturizer or can be used for your hair, nails, and skin.
                                    Full Size Prices: 0.5oz is $14.00. 1.7oz is $48.00. 4oz is $96.00
                                   This sample size is 0.03oz

4. bareMinerals Prime Time foundation primer
                                     Obviously this is a primer for your foundation! The sample size I got is .03oz.
                                    Full Size Price: 1oz is $23.00

5. Sephora Instant Moisturizer....if you only try one.
                          Sample size is .06oz. It is oil-free and dermatologically tested. It also claims to instantly moisturizer, boost radiance and fight wrinkles.
                          Full Size Price: 1.69oz is $20.00

6. Philosophy Purity.
                      This is a one-step facial cleanser. This is the only product I have actually tried before. The sample size they gave me is 6ml. It is a very gentle cleanser and smells very nice so I will definitely be using this sample :)
                       Full Size Price: Ranges from 3oz at $10.00 to 32oz for $49.50

7. Sephora Make-Up Bag
                      This is a cute patent leather black bag that I could store brushes in or lip products. It has a red lining inside. Good for on the go or just to store things :)