Happy Friday!!!!

Today is a special post because it has been officially one month of marriage for my husband and me. In honor of our making it 1 month, here are some things I have learned this past month. Some might say you are in the "honeymoon" stage of marriage......and I might agree :)

1. ENJOY YOUR HONEYMOON and keep living in the honeymoon phase. My husband and I are still in the mooshy gooshy honeymoon phase. I say your honeymoon doesn't just have to last during your vacation.....let it last a lifetime :) (or at least a month.....harharhar)

2. MONEY TALK.....hopefully you have already had the money talk before you got married, but now is when in comes into effect. Communicate to each other about how much your making and how much your spending and be completely honest about it! Make a budget and stick to that budget!

3. QUALITY TIME..... My husband and I realized that we need quality time because we don't have quantity with his job and now my job (yes I got a job YAY!) So with that, we have been making fun dates! We got bikes from his family for our wedding, so we have been going biking together....we have gone on dinner dates....and even have made going to the gym a fun way to exercise, talk, and spend time with each other :)

4. TIME TO LEARN NEW THINGS!! OK so I am maybe the worst cook ever. I just can't cook and I don't enjoy cooking. SO I surprised my hubby and made about 5 or 6 dinners this month. (This is a lot peopleee....and well we dont get to have dinner a lot together because of his job) AND Not just like a frozen pizza.....but like the full out nice dinner meals :) He was so surprised and happy...maybe mostly because he loves food....but I think he was just so surprised that I did all of that for him. ....learn things that maybe you might not enjoy but that your spouse enjoys :)....They will appreciate more than you know!!

5. Last but NOT LEAST....COMMUNICATE/MAKE DECISIONS TOGETHER! This is the BEST PART about marriage...you have someone there to make all your decisions with!....and as indecisive as I am at times I'm glad I have him!!! I talk to my husband about EVERYTHING. The decision on my new job was made by both him and me. It's the best way to really strengthen your relationship. I love to be needed and he loves to be needed. So make all your decisions together.....yeahhhh we go so far as to what we are going to wear that day. haha

So I can't wait to look back at this post and see what I have learned about marriage a year from now. After a month in....I couldn't be happier :):):)