Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

So about a week ago, I decided to try one of the drugstore BB creams. Before 2 weeks ago, I seriously did not know what BB cream was? So I researched it. BB means Beauty Balm (or Blemish Balm). It was originated in Asia. Asian BB Creams though are different from US BB creams. But lets be real, the US likes to take things and make them the latest fad! So like a true US citizen, I had to test out the fad :)

Now the Maybelline BB cream comes in 5 different shades. Light, Light to Medium, Medium, Medium to Deep, and Deep. This is the most different shades I have seen in a BB cream which is great!! It's claim is to 8 in 1 benefits for your skin.........(yaaaaaaa I think you're thinking what I'm thinking)

Blurs Imperfections
Evens Skin Tone
Protects with SPF 30
0% oils and heavy ingredients

Now before I go into MY claims, here is my skin-type. I have normal/combination skin. I get minor breakouts every so often and my skin is somewhat sensitive. Usually I find my skin more oily in the summer and more dry in the winter.

I am in the color Medium/Deep because I am tan from the summer...once fall/winter comes around I will not be as dark and probably would need to go to Medium or Light/Medium. I apply this with my fingers. I DO NOT wear moisturizer under this or anything else on my skin before application.

No different than a tinted moisturizer
It does have great SPF
Its a VERY light coverage which can be great for summer
It left my skin feeling a little greasy.
It broke me out the first 2 days of use.
I did feel like it brightened it somewhat and evened out my skin a little.
It definitely hydrated my skin but again a little too much to the point of greasiness.

Without ANYTHING on my Face (just eye makeup)
With Maybelline BB Cream in Medium/Deep

As you can see, not a huge difference...plus my lighting stinks! Overall, I don't mind it too badly. I would must rather try another drugstore BB cream that doesn't feel so greasy or break me out at all. I would also like them to NOT call it a BB cream when really its a tinted moisturizer....lets get real people.

SO I want to know what YOU THINK?! Have you tried this product....Are there any other drugstore bb creams out there I should try that have worked for you??? Leave Comments Below!!!

Hope You Have A HAPPY Friday And A Wonderful Weekend!