Hey Everyone! So I thought it would be a great idea to put together all my accessories that I wore on my wedding day. Maybe they can spark some ideas for your wedding day accessories!!! I will also attach links to where I received some of these items!! :)

1. My Veil. It was super hard to take a picture of just the veil so here is a picture of me with my veil! :) It has crystals wrapped around the edges and is a medium length veil. I thought it just complimented my jewelry so well!!!

2. My Black "Bride Tote. I used this for the day of (and for my travel bag for the honeymoon) It hasblack patent leather handles and trim and the rest of the bag is black canvas. It has silver sequin "Bride" on the front and has two little pouches on the side. I actually got this at Hobby Lobby. Here is the link if you are interested! http://shop.hobbylobby.com/store/item.aspx?ItemId=150747 Price is 24.99 BUT Hobby Lobby was having a sale 50% off all wedding products so I got this for 13.00!!!

3. Aldo Monter Clutch. I got my bridal clutch  at Aldo because I didn't want anything too bridal. I really wanted something I new I would use again. I also used this clutch for the rehearsal dinner! It is a blushy pink color with a silvery/white snake embossed envelope top. It also has a gold chain as well. I paid $45.00 for it but now it is on sale for 17.49! If you are interested here is the website....  Monter Aldo Clutch

4. Kelly & Kate Shoes. These were my wedding day shoes! I got these at DSW for 39.95!! BEST DEAL! And I love these shoes! I actually wore these for the rehearsal to practice walking in them and it saved me money for buying shoes for the rehearsal. These shoes definitely got ruined because we took pictures out in the gardens but here are pictures. I also got blue rhinestoned "I Do" for the bottom of my shoes which kind of got ruined haha. I also put the rubber soles on the bottom so I could dance the night away!! :)

4. Bride Hoodie. This was from Victoria Secret. They no longer make this which is so sad because I love this! It was originally $78 dollars but we got it on sale for around $45. I wore this the day of the wedding and everynight on my honeymoon! I love the satin inside of the hood and the cute little bling ring on the zipper!

5. My Bride Day Tank! It was an aqua ribbed tank top with rhinestone Bride. I got on etsy for 13.99. Here is the link to her shop on etsy UniqueandTrendy. She has great other tanks and bridal personalized items!!

6. Givenchy Crystal Drop Clip Earrings and Givenchy Crystal and Pave Link Bracelet. I got them from Von Maur. The earrings were clip on which was fine with me because they were so heavy. The earrings were such a statement and the bracelet was such a timeless piece! They complimented my dress so well!! Earring Price $55.00 Bracelet Price $95.00.....Heres the link if you are interested... Givenchy Earrings....Givenchy Bracelet

7. Garter...My Garters were both from Etsy. Price was $30.00 for both. I loved them because they were so unique and very vintage with went along with my dress very well. Although when I received the garters...I realized one was to throw and one was too keep....Well I didn't want to throw either of them because NO BOY would appreciate how cute they were like I would!! haha So I ended up keeping both and throwing a generic one :):) Heres the link to etsy shop...Nana Rose Designs

8. My Hair Comb. Price was $49.00... I LOVE my hair comb. It was also from Etsy. It was such good quality and it was heavy so it stayed put all night. It was just a gorgeous little extra I LOVED! Bridal Rhinestone Comb

Hope you enjoyed my Bridal Day Accessories