Ok so my biggest headache with planning was my flower budget. I wanted so many things but it was so expensive! Here are the areas I cut down and that were essential to me. It literally cut my flower bill in HALF! Hopefully this can help you and your planning!! :)

1. DO NOT GET boutionerres........ Seriously most guys do not care. Actually most forget to even put them on. They are too wrapped up in their man time with each other. If you'd like its a great idea to do pocket squares or something non-flower related like a vintage key. There's always the option of a DIY project as well :)

2. DO NOT GET CORSAGES FOR YOUR MOTHER-.......Ok I love my mother. She actually had this idea though! We bought a  bunch of beautiful champagne fake flowers from White House Black Market. If I find a picture I will post them! They had a rhinestone and pearl in the middle of the flower as well. A bigger plus were they were on clearance for about 15 dollars. Then we also went to Forever 21 and bought these beautiful white and grey pearl bracelets for 4.80!! They weren't the cheapy plastic pearls and it came with about 3 bracelets. So we decided to take the flower and attach them to the bracelets. That way after the ceremony they could take off their flower and they still have a beautiful bracelet they can wear for the reception!!! My mother did a stacked bracelet with pearls, rhinestones, and crystal beads which is also a trendy and beautiful option. So instead of 75 dollars per corsage...I did it for under 20 bucks!

3. CEREMONY VENUE IS EVERYTHING! .......I was very lucky with our venue. It was at the Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee. Our ceremony was in the Fragrance Garden outside of the reception hall. It was soooo beautiful and had so many flowers that I didn't even need flowers. Because it was mid-summer, everything was in full bloom. The only extra I added was a flower petal heart where my husband and I would stand.

4. IFMARRIED IN THE CHRUCH.......If you are doing a church wedding, I know people have tried to plan it around the Easter holiday or even the Christmas holiday. The church is already so beautiful and decorated from the holidays with flowers. It depends on what your vision is for your wedding...but it is a GREAT way to cut the flower budget

5. ALL THE ADD-ONS......There are so many ways to be creative with flowers in your reception hall....but keep it SIMPLE! These flowers are going to die in a couple days anyways. Try making your own centerpieces or providing unique and personal centerpieces. I personally did do a small vase of flowers at each table but nothing extra anywhere else....BUT it worked out. When I met the flower company I said I was estimating about 14 tables in the reception hall. Since NOT everyone replies yes to your wedding (YES people do say NO!) I said to keep the estimate at 14 tables and add any extra vases to the gift table, cake table, bar, bathroom or anywhere she could think of! It worked out perfectly because we ended up only having 12 tables. She had taken the extra flowers for the place card table and split up the last one to put some at the bar and some ON my cake!!! It was perfect and it was all that was needed with the decor in my reception.

6. PROVIDE YOUR OWN VASES......Flower companys can hike up prices on your votives and even your vases no matter how basic and simple. There are SOOO many differnt vases out there for SOOO cheap! I went to Michaels and got 17 vases for 1.50 each. So you say 'What do you do with all those vases afterwards??' Towards the end of the night, I started to give them away to my aunts, my new sister-in-law, friends and other family that wanted one! It was a great keepsake for them!! (of course I kept a couple for myself!)

So hopefully this helped you cut down your flower budget and save some money for your pocket!!!! :) HAPPY PLANNING :)