Ok So ELF has turned 8 years old and to celebrate they are having HUGE promos! So I decided to indulge and get some awesome...and maybe not so awesome products for even cheaper than they already have their products! I love ELF. I think they make some awesome products for a very very cost friendly price especially for a makeup junkie like me! :)

Here are some thoughts on some of the extra products. I will go through and show you each product in different posts!

1. Elf Studio Makeup Cleansing Wipes. Price $3.00....Got them on sale for 1.50. They are pretty good. So far they have stayed pretty moist. I store them upside down so the wipes can continue to stay moist. I do usually have problems with wipes because I have very sensitive skin but so far I have not had a problem with these!

2. ELF Daily Brush Cleaner. Price $3.00 ....Got it for 1.50. I have only used these a couple times. I don't know how much they are actually cleaning my brushes??? Has anyone else used this product and what do you think?

3. ELF Wrinkle Refiner. Price $3.00....Got for 1.50. This has a spongey applicator on top. At the bottom it turns so the product comes up in the spongey applicator. It seemed like a great product to put on before my makeup....WRONG! I put it on and after it dries it became flakey and looked like my skin was peeling off. I did not have good luck with this product...but maybe you did? Hey it was worth 1.50.

4. ELF Zit Zapper. Price $1.00 I have not used this product yet. It has a roller ball applicator. Anyone use this? What do you think?

 Next Up....My ELF BRUSHES!