I got 3 ELF Brushes from my ELF Haul :) P.S. Sorry for the awful out of focus pics!

 1.ELF Kabuki Face Brush. Price $6.00 This is the BEST brush Ive ever used and is SO soft. Don't waste your money on a high-end kabuki when this is just as good. It blends really well. The only problem I have seen is some of the bristels do fall out but not significantly. Definitely a recommended product!

2. ELF Complexion Brush. Price 1.50 (half off studio products on their website) ANOTHER love! This brush is great for blending as well. It is great for putting on powder. This one has held up great for me. I have not seen ANY bristels fall out and it has held up very well so far! Recommend!

 3. ELF "C" Brush. Price 1.50 (again half off on their website) This is also a great sturdy brush. Can be used in the crease or on the lid or to blend!