Friday Finds: Organization & Spring Refresh

January 19, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

Today's Friday Finds I am super excited to share!! So since the end of December into January here I have just wanted simplicity in my life. No excess. Since having Rory, I just want life to be easy, make sense, and be simpler. I want an organized house without clutter (well I always have wanted that) but my OCD has gone overload.

Therefore I will be sharing a lot more posts on simplifying your life, organization, decluttering and more! I believe this makes me personally live my best life. Having things organized, all the excess out of the house, and living simpler makes more time for my kids and less stress on me. I will be sharing lots of tips and tricks along the way.

For now, I have been purchasing not clothing, but things to get me organized in the house!!! I don't buy expensive things to get me organized either. I like affordable organizational tools and there are SO many out there!!

Another thing I like to do after the holidays is decorate the house RIGHT into spring. Get out some light airy spring decor. It helps my mood even though its frigid outside. I think bringing spring feels inside can help lift those winter blues easily. I did this last year and it made a WORLD of difference for me!!! I have already picked up a couple things this year to continue the spring refresh to start the year :)

Tips on bringing spring into your home will be coming soon and I will probably do an IG Story on what I do! :)

Have a great weekend!


Wellness Wednesday~ Sneaker Picks Under $100

January 17, 2018

Happy Wellness Wednesday!!!

Today I am sharing some amazing sneakers under $100!! I seriously am on a sneaker kick. There are so many cute sneaks that I just can't contain myself. So here are my top picks under $100. 

Also these leggings are my ABSOLUTE favorite leggings of all time. I think I wear these at least 3 to 4 days a week. I just picked up these in grey/green color!!

Thanks so much for reading!


Postpartum Update

January 16, 2018

Hello Everyone!!!

Today I am sharing a postpartum update on how Rory and I are doing. So we are almost at the 2 month mark! I can't believe it! Actually Friday she will be 2 months!!! I can't believe it! It has flown by maybe even faster than it felt with Eli!

I have to say I feel like I fell into a routine with Rory a LOT easier and quicker than I did with Eli. I felt more confident as a mom. Nursing has been really easy with her but we have had some bumps along the way. If you would like a post just on breastfeeding and how we have done with that I can share our experience on that.

Rory just had her 6 week appointment and shes growing like a weed!! Shes 11lbs 8oz. and 22.5 inches already!

I will say our daily routine and schedule has been good but a little different everyday because of my work schedule. I haven't been able to keep a rigid routine with her as well but she adapts really well to whatever is going on. I find its harder with the second in general to keep as rigid of a schedule.

We have also had a little struggle with reflux. It doesn't seem to be horrible but we had a week there where projectile vomitting was an every feeding occurrence. It was really scary but she was still wetting diapers and having bowel movements so I knew she was getting something. Her reflux is a little better. We actually still have her sleeping in her Rock n Play just because of the incline. She is sleeping next to our bed but I am ready for her to be in her own room. I think she is ready! She is such a good baby! I just can't complain :)

As far as me postpartum, this second time around has been muchhhh different. My body HAS NOT gone back to normal. I have a lot more weight to lose. I swear I was like a freak of nature with Eli and lost all the weight and was back to normal within like 2 weeks. This time around has been much harder. I also feel like "healing" in general has taken much longer for me this time around. I actually didn't get the ok at my 6 week appointment that was I fully healed. I am not sure why but it has just been taking a lot longer. I do feel like I didn't give myself the rest I did when I had Eli. I kind of just jumped right back into life when I had Rory and well my body is kind of paying for it.

Let me know anything you would like to see with newborn/toddler life in the comments! Whether it be our sleep/feeding schedule or how breastfeeding is going...or anything! I would love to share :)

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New Staples + Sale Picks!

January 15, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!

So today I am sharing a couple pieces that are seriously now staples in my wardrobe. You might see them a lot....maybe even too much. BUT they are amazing pieces and I highly suggest if they fit your style adding them to your wardrobe!

New Balance Sneakers

Madewell Jeans

Urban Outfitters Button-Up Thermal Top

I also wanted to share some LOFT sale picks for all the sales that are going on today!!


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January 12, 2018

Happy Friday Everyone!!!
I wanted to get a quick post up before the weekend and share my Empties!! These are all the products I've used up in the past month and a half!!

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Product Review: BareMinerals Dirty Detox

January 09, 2018

Hello Everyone!!!

Happy Tuesday and today we are talking a little skincare. The BareMinerals Dirty Detox has been such an amazing mask for me lately. The postpartum/dead of winter breakouts have begun for me. I get these stubborn hormonal breakouts that want to come and linger...but NO MORE. The Dirty Detox is a green detoxifying mud mask. It really detox and pulls all the gunk out of my skin! Think Ninja Turtle when you apply. This mask in enriched with charcoal that purifies the skin and papaya enzymes that leave the skin glowing and vibrant!

Lets quickly talk about this little kit called the Masks Essentials Duo in the photo tagged along with the Dirty Detox mask....IM OBSESSED. I kind of thought...its a brush and a cloth. Why do I need that for applying a mask? I can just apply with my fingers. While, yes yes you can do that....this just literally blew me away hahaha. I can not apply ANY mask now without. It is the perfect size and shape to evenly apply any mask. It makes life so much simpler and I never even knew it. This cloth...again GAME. CHANGER. The cloth has waffle texture that isn't even soft or comforting to the skin. It literally just glides the mask off my skin in one wipe! No more rubbing and tugging at the skin!! This cloth, especially for thicker mud masks like Dirty Detox, is AMAZING! 

Again be a little "boujee" and treat yourself. It's not an essential but if you are into masking like myself...its a great little treat :)


Year In Review: My Best Buys of 2017

January 08, 2018

Hello Everyone!!!

I am so SO excited about this post! Today I am sharing 17 pieces from 2017 that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! These pieces are my favorite that I continue to wear over and over again! I can't wait to share them and reflect with you!  

These are all pieces that are in my closet that I got some great wear out of and that are now staples in my wardrobe! Its like a Yearly Favorites...but Fashion edition! Some things will be linkable and other things I will try to find things that are similar. Also warning, I was pregnant this year but all these things are NON-maternity. I wore some through my pregnancy but also I wore them not pregnant! These are just great pieces!! 

1.Nike Roches (Similar)
2. Nike Slip Ons
3. Sam Edelman Berit Sandals
4. Mules (These & These)
5. Baublebar Earrings
6. Fawn Design Bag

Thanks so much for following along this past year! I am so excited to share lots more this year!


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