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January 23, 2017

Sweatshirt: SheIn, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Nike, Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Hello Everyone!!
I love a good sweatshirt. I have also seen SO MANY people with this t-shirt but when I saw it came in a sweatshirt...I HAD to have it in my life!! I am all about a comfy sweatshirt these days....and a cute one I just can't pass up!

I did size up to a medium in this one just because I wanted it a little baggy and oversized. I would rather it bigger than fitted....sweatshirts should be comfortable!! I love the print...I am completely NOT a graphic print kind of girl but this one...its too cute to pass up! The best part is the price is completely affordable at only $15!!! I have been sharing many pieces from Shein lately and I have to say...I just love their site!!! I love to get trendier piecey or pieces that I want to experiment with. Not every trend and not every piece is flattering to you...even when you see it styled the cutest way....which is why I love Shein. I can't play around with different trends and styles without breaking the bank!!! ITS THE BEST! 

I have included some other amazing pieces I think you would love down below!! So make sure to check them out!

Thanks so much for visiting! XO

Friday Beauty Lust List

January 20, 2017

Hey Everyone!!

Today I wanted to just share with you all some makeup items I have been lusting after! There are so many product launches lately and I WANT THEM ALL!!! 

Here are the 6 I have been dying to try out!

Let me know what is on your wishlist...OR if you own any of these what you think of them! I would love to know! XOXO Thanks for visiting!

Blushing Off The Shoulder

January 19, 2017

Sweater: SheIn, Jeans: Gap (Similar), Bag: J.Crew (Similar), Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Sam Edelman

Hello Everyone!!!
As we enter February I always tend to want pink and blush everything!!!! Pink bags, shoes, tops, eyeshadow, lipstick...everything! I think it completely brightens my mood and gets my mind set and ready for spring...AKA WARM WEATHER! :)

Well I wanted to share with you all this adorable off the shoulder sweater. Perfect for these next couple months when you want to lighten things up. This sweater is actually extremely oversized! It is great with leggings and flats as well!! It also comes in gray and a light blue! It reminds me of a free people sweater but without the price tag at only $30!

Two questions for you all....I never ask questions and sometimes I do and never get anyone response...BUT if you have a comment please comment or reach out to me on IG or twitter....

1. Does anyone have any suggestions for a new curling iron? Mine just died and I need a good wand. I think I would like a thicker 1 and half inch barrel wand.....I want a good one! 
2. Any requests for posts? This year one of my goals is to really intertwine my IG, YT, and Blog all together. I feel like sometimes I am all over the place with fashion and beauty posts and never mix the two! Let me know what you would like to see and I will deliver! :)

Thanks so much for visiting!!! XO

Beat The Winter Blues

January 18, 2017

Hey Everyone!!!
Today's post is a little different. I have been fully affected by the WINTER BLUES. It is awful. It happens almost every year where mid-January hits and I just wanna lay in bed and not move. 

This year I would say has been even more so. I love being home with Eli but this month I have been everywhere but home. I have realized there are some things that can completely lift my mood and they are easy...by starting in your home!

1. Start Spring Early....Still snow on the ground and its -10 outside? Well let's bring spring inside! I have already pulled out all my spring/summer floral arrangements!! Pulling down all the Christmas decor always super depressing but this year I decided why not go straight into spring!? It has completely made my home feel lighter and more fresh. I feel like its the fresh start you expect when January 1st comes rolling in. So start spring early by adding floral arrangements, make sure to have the blinds open for lots of light, keep things airy and bright in your home. It will lift your mood instantly!

2. Exercise. Ya ya ya right? This year has been the toughest year I have had with exercise. I have finally realized why people tend to choose to NOT workout. You see, I was a crazy workout-aholic. I ran 5 miles per day plus at home workouts. Exercise was my life....heck is was my major in college. This winter for some reason I have had to fight myself to get my butt moving! I have never been this way!! So I decided to find something fun, quick and easy for me to do at home. I started looking up Youtube videos and came across some amazing 10 minute full body cardio workouts! Its just intense for 10 minutes! Its perfect for my mom life! So squeeze in that exercise no matter what it is and you instantly feel better!!

3. Eat Healthy...but don't restrict. I have never been good on diets...diets make me eat worse actually. When I just eat healthy and don't restrict myself, I feel so much better. Everything is ok in moderation is my motto. I feel best when I eat healthy so I just tend to gravitate towards healthier foods! So I just listen to my body but if I want a little chocolate I don't say no. I find this balance keeps me the most energized throughout the day :)

4. Set Small Daily To-Do lists and get them done! I always make small goals or to-do lists each and every day. I make sure that I get those small things done even if it is just get the laundry done, folded and put away. It is small but I accomplished it! I usually plan to get these certain things done in the morning or the night before. I make sure that list is completely done before I go to bed at night! I always feel so accomplished with finishing my list!

5. Declutter! Why wait for spring cleaning to declutter? Start NOW! You're stuck in the house because of the weather anyways! Take the time to truly declutter your home. Decluttering always makes me feel lifted and completely de-stressed. I feel so much better when I get crap out of my house! I could write a whole series on decluttering but I won't go into that here. Clutter gives me anxiety and makes my life feel more chaotic and stressful. So declutter your home, it will help you get through the winter and give you one leg up on your spring cleaning! :)

6. My last little tip is my favorite and that is TREAT YO SELF! I don't mean go out and buy a benz.....I mean have something in your life you look forward to everyday! Every evening my husband and I sit and watch our tv shows. Its my favorite! We DVR our favorite shows and then we watch them together in the evenings! I usually put on my heating blanket and either have some tea or a glass of wine and maybe even a little chocolate :) Its just something I can look forward to everyday! :)

Thanks so much for visiting my post today! I hope you all have a wonderful day! XO

Mohair Cardigan Only $16

January 16, 2017

Top: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar), Cardigan: SheIn (Under $17!), Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Nike & Here, Bag: J.Crew (Similar), Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Good Morning Friends (or good afternoon or evening)

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today we are sharing more affordable clothing and maybe my favorite nikes know to man kind....

So I have been LOVING blush and grey together...since....FOREVER. I am SO happy I have seen this trend lately. I have to say blush pink and gray is just THE best combination of colors! I even did my entire wedding blush and gray tones....Anyways enough about that, let's talk this cardigan! I am seriously obsessed! Price tag is only $16 on this! The fit is perfection! It is SO soft and NOT itchy whatsoever. I have to say I am super sensitive to itchy fabric....I find that the older I get the more sensitive I get to comfort! This however is not itchy and just a wonderful fit especially for the price!!! I love the baggy sleeves. It gives it an effortless vibe. 

My favorite thing to do lately with my outfits is take a more feminine outfit and throw a pair of sneakers on. I have said this again and again, I pray that this sneaker trend does not die! I absolutely LOVE THIS TREND! Comfy shoes for the win!.....Lets take a second for these neutral sneaks I am sporting today.....PRAISE THE LORD HANDS to this because I saw these and didn't think twice to nab them. I know this babies will sell out FAST! I know they are selling fast so don't think twice just grab them! They run perfectly TTS as well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Statement Earrings And Oversized Sweaters

January 9, 2017

Sweater: Nordstrom, Earrings: Nordstrom, Jeans: Loft, Shoes: Old Navy (similar), Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Michael Kors, Lipstick Jouer in Melon

Hey Everyone!
Today I am sharing this cozy sweater and these adorable earrings! I absolutely love these earrings and I actually wore them on Christmas Eve! They are statement earrings without being too heavy on my ears. I have really small ears and I can no longer wear heavy statement earrings.....which used to be MY favorite accessory!!

I also have fallen in love with this sweater!!! Its oversized with an oversized sleeve making it look so effortless! I just love the fit and this color is the perfect neutral!

I hope you all had a great weekend!! Tomorrow I will have my Best in Beauty Lips!!

Thanks for visiting! XO

Perfect Plaid Coat Under $25

January 3, 2017

Plaid Coat: SheIn, Jeans: Loft, Top: Loft (old) (similar), Boots: Steve Madden, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Hey Everyone!!
Today I had to share with you all this AMAZING affordable plaid coat! I knew this coat had to be mine when I saw it! I love that its neutral but I LOVE that its a statement!!! This is definitely a coat to pair your closet staples with. I love pairing my white blouse, basic jeans, and OTK suede boots with this coat. 

I think when getting a statement coat like this...affordable is the way to go. Normally, I don't wear a statement coat like this on the everyday. This coat is UNDER $25!!! Its perfect price for a special bold coat like this one. The quality on this is amazing too! It is thick and super comfortable to wear with amazing pockets in the front!

Pick this coat up and you won't be sorry! 

Thanks for visiting! XO