Target Try-On Under $30

April 20, 2018
Hey Everyone!!!
I am super excited to share with you all a Target Try-On. Head over to @absolutelyairs on IG Stories today to see everything in action!!! Target has some super cute clothes this spring and I had to share! Like always I give you my honest opinion....good or bad or even just meh. What works for me, might not be for you....and what doesn't work for me...might be perfect for you!

I am wearing a size small in all the clothing (jeans size 2) for reference! Everything is linked along the way and down below! Happy Shopping!


Stripes For Spring

April 19, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

Today I am sharing lots and lots of STRIPES! I absolutely love stripes especially in the spring!! It gives me all the nautical vibes haha. I feel like stripes are a classic comes springtime! 

Today I am sharing this adorable stripe mockneck tank which is currently on SALE! WOO!! It is so cute for spring and layering!!

Here are some great striped pieces for your wardrobe!!


Product Focus: VII Code Overnight Eye Mask

April 18, 2018
Hey Everyone!!

Today I am so excited to share with you all a beauty product I think all of us tired gals can benefit from. This post is in collaboration with VII code. 

I shared recently we have been officially going through the 4 month old sleep regression with Rory. It has been brutal! We just want sleep! She has been up probably every couple hours throughout the night. We finally have been getting her on a new schedule (if you would like to see the new schedule just let me know) and I am praying it works.

Sleepless nights for me...mean my eyes are my problem area. I literally look SO tired all the time. Lately, to combat that I have been using the O2M Oxygen Eye Masks. GAME CHANGER! No more tired eyes even though I am exhausted. I can finally look well rested even without the sleep! 

I have never tried an overnight eye mask before but guys, this is what you need! I absolutely LOVE wearing this. You wear it for 8 hours overnight or you can wear it in the daytime for 2-3 hours (I wouldn't go over the 8 hour mark). Sometimes I will do less than 8 hours and I still see the same results. You all know I talk about so many of those under eye patches that you slap on for 10 minutes or so and peel off.....but the VII Code overnight eye masks...are the best with the best results. Hands Down. 

The product is full of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, peptides and SO MUCH more. It has a gel-like consistency that feeling amazingly hydrating and cooling to the undereye area. It literally is the most amazing feeling especially when the sleep is NOT happening!

So while the sleep regression is hitting me hard, I can rest assure that I can still look my best even when I might not feel my best!! 

I highly suggest grabbing the VII Code Overnight Eye Masks!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


My 4 Favorite Cleansers

April 17, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

Today I wanted to share some skincare favorites of mine. Cleansers. Ok so cleansing for me includes a WIDE range of cleansers. Cleansing oils, gel cleansers, exfoliating cleansers...the list goes on and on and on. Today I am sharing basically by favorite STEP 2 cleaners. What do I mean by that? After my makeup has been removed what are the cleanser I love most to really clean my skin. Funny enough they are all gel cleansers. I guess I like what I like! I love all these alone or with my clarisonic! 

1. Tula Purifying Facial Cleanser. Its been my top of a couple years now. Its a must-have staple for me. I love the way it cleans my skin. I literally never have felt so clean afterwards. But not dried out clean...just clean haha. The smell doesn't hurt either! (Its smells amazing)
2. Dermalogica Special Gel Cleanser. This seriously is the softest cleanser. That sounds like the weirdest word to describe a face wash but I swear its like so soft to your skin. It almost feels a bit hydrating. Its so so good and cleans the skin so well!!! I actually prefer this in the morning!
3. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.  A cult favorite and for a reason. This make your skin feel clean without any stripping of the skin. It doesn't lather much which I actually like. Its amazing!
4. Drunk Elephant Beste Jelly Cleanser. Yes I have literally only tried this deluxe size....but you all know if you saw my recent Drunk Elephant skincare post. I am hooked!! This is interesting because it is realllly like jiggly jelly. It cleanses the skin so well. This one doesn't lather much either but it makes your skin so soft afterwards!! I absolutely love it!

What are you favorite cleansers!? I would love to know!!!!


Sephora Beauty Insider Event Sale Picks & Wishlist!!!

April 16, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!

I am super excited to share with you all my Recommendations for my favorite Spring SALE! The Sephora Beauty Insider Event is here! If you are a VIB Rouge or VIB member you will receive 15% and Beauty Insiders will receive 10% off starting April 20th!

Its a great time to pick up staples and some products you have been lusting after but haven't quite pulled the trigger!!!

I have everything linked in today's video as well as below!! I hope you all enjoy! Happy Shopping!

What I Recommend: 

What I Lusting After:

5 Shopbop Sale Picks!

April 12, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!

I wanted to quickly share with you 5 items that I think are totally worth grabbing in the shopbop sale! Things are selling out extremely quickly so if you are interested I would definitely grab them ASAP!

Rory's Nursery Tour

April 11, 2018
Hey Everyone!!!

So SURPRISE! I said on Stories yesterday that Rory's Nursery Reveal wouldn't be live until Wednesday and I actually decided to post it today instead! 

Sooooo I am a little late on this. I actually had a couple things I didn't finish until now. I KNOW so bad. When we had Rory, I had NO IDEA what we were naming her until a day or so after she was born. With Eli, I knew his name before I even met him. With Rory, it took awhile to come up with Rory.

Anyways, with both of my kiddos I always go for very simple bedrooms. I didn't go crazy with a bunch of things on the walls. I didn't get to foo foo with stuff. I like it to be really simple so the kids can go with their rooms and we can change it up often. 

PS. I have been working on updating Eli's room to more of a "big boy" room.  Maybe I can update you on that later.

Anyways, with Rory having a girl had NEVER been part of my thought process. SO I HAD to use pink in the room. But I didn't want to go overload with pink. I also wanted it to be functional yet sweet. I also thought maybe these could be pieces that I can interchange and put in our home in general (IE the rocker, lamp and mirror especially)

We had no gold in our house so I thought it would be cute to add some touches of a brassy matte gold. I wanted the touches of pink and gold throughout the room. I obviously went with white furniture (this is Eli's crib) and an old dress we painted and put these pulls on from Amazon.

This chair is absolutely amazing! It is so comfortable to sit in and bonus it reclines!!! A recliner that isn't ugly! Its the best! We also reused a couple of things from Eli's nursery. 

Hope you all enjoy! I tried to link everything I could below!


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