5 Skincare Must-Haves

October 23, 2017

Hello Everyone!!

It has been a very long time since I have done a skincare post! To be honest, skincare is MY FAVORITE...over makeup and maybe even over clothes....ok clothes are really fun too BUT I really LOVE my skincare! I love the act of doing my skincare, and I love what my skincare does for me!!

I am changing my skincare in and out consistently....trying new things. I am slightly addicted BUT through pregnancy I have been really loving some of these skincare products so I thought I would share!!

First, Tula. I know I feel like I beat this to death in every skincare post I ever write about but Tula is the best! I absolutely LOVE their skincare...because its not geared towards a specific skin type and it WORKS. It keeps my skin balanced, break out free and the best its ever looked. This Pro-Glycolic Toner is amazing! I combine it with a glycolic treatment and the combination is unbeatable! It has kept my skin clear and glowy throughout this pregnancy. I also LOVE the hydrating day and night cream. Its not greasy and gives the right amount of hydration to my skin. It sinks right into the skin and is perfect day or night. 

Second, I have been really loving this Elemis Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Sometimes I think, eh a cleanser is a cleanser but this one has been really great for my sensitive skin. I have had a ton of redness and sensitivity with pregnancy and this really helps soothe and balance my skin out. 

Lastly, I have my Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment. This is an amazing lactic acid treatment to help any texture I get. It really evens out my skin yet it doesn't suck the hydration out. Its a pricey product but really worth the $$$. I also have been really loving this Bareminerals Skinlogevity Eye Cream. It has a gel-like texture that is very thin and nourishing to my undereyes. These last few months have brought no sleep and this really helps keep hydration in and puffiness at bay. 

Let me know what skincare products you are loving! I am definitely wanting to share more skincare posts! SO let me know what you would like to see from me!! Thanks for stopping by!


Friday Finds: Abercrombie Sale Picks

October 20, 2017

Hey Everyone!!

Today I am sharing some of my finds from Abercrombie. You all know this is like my favorite store to shop at and I just can't stop!! They have amazing quality pieces....very Madewell like....at reasonable prices!! I have a huge cart full and definitely purchased a couple things already!

So much Mauve...I know but its just what I am loving and A&F has a great selection!!

Happy Shopping!


3 Things I'm Doing Before Baby Comes

October 17, 2017

Hey Everyone!!!

So my pregnancy is flying by....and I am almost 35 weeks! I can't wait until this little nugget gets here....but in the mean time I wait. Third trimester brings...not so pleasant things SO I have actually made a huge effort this pregnancy to do a couple things for myself. Finding time for myself is super complicated with a toddler!

This past week I definitely took time to myself to get my hair done. I hadn't in such a long time and it was much needed anyways....BUT I knew I wanted to get it done a couple weeks before baby! It was a nice day to spend a little time on myself and also get a refresh with my hair since I won't have much time juggling two kiddos in a couple weeks. 

The other pampering thing I just got done is a pedicure! Since I am at the point where I can't reach my toes...I figured...why not take an hour of mom time to get pamper myself!!! I never did this with Eli but having a toddler and never taking time for myself, I thought lets get the toes done since we can't reach them anyways! haha

The last thing we did before this baby comes is my husband and I took a short weekend alone! Eli got to spend the night at grandma and grandpa's house and Jude and I got to have an evening and day alone! It felt SO good! Just to reconnect with my husband. Having an uninterrupted dinner and sleeping in a little is maybe the best feeling ever! It totally revitalized both my husband I and getting to spend a little quality time together was much needed!

I definitely suggest treating yourself before baby comes whether its your first or your 5th. Take some time before your baby comes to do something for yourself! 


Empties & A Little Pregnancy Chat

October 16, 2017

Hey Everyone!!!
So today I am sharing my September/October Empties! So I have been NOT in the mood to take pictures plus the weather has been really crappy! I feel like I am ready to pop....and I still have a little bit of time before this little girl gets here. BUT ANYWAYS, my life had revolved around...trying to get as much sleep as I can....and also nesting...organizing...decluttering...using things up....

Its been the worst its ever been haha. I seriously have cleared a lot of my closet out. I am going through all the little things in our house that just sit around....I am in crazy folding and organizing mode in my closet....and my makeup/skincare...well lets just say I am at the point where I actually NEED things because there is nothing left haha

THEREFORE I have been filming quite a few videos on it! Today will be an Empties and then later this week I am sharing my Declutter of Palettes. I promise I will get up some quality posts later this week! 

Also my pregnant ladies...am I just the only one but this weekend started this like mind- fuzziness. I can't think straight...and I can't focus....my mind is like a blur!! Its so weird! We actually had some choreography for my team this weekend and I am usually the type that can learn things very quickly for them and I could barely understand what was going on!! Its horrible!! hahaha Maybe I just need sleep :)

Thanks for reading!


Friday Fall Fashion Finds

October 13, 2017

Hey Everyone!!!

Today I have 5 Fall Fashion Finds for the week!! I know I have been a little MIA this week. I have had a crazy couple weeks with no many breaks to take time for the blog! All these mamas that work and blog...I don't know how you do it! I am very dependent on my husband for pictures as well and he has been like crazy busy too...so with our schedules nothing gets done I swear haha. 

ANYWAYS, I have also declared this week to take small parts and do some things for myself this week. I got my hair done and I am getting a pedicure....since I can't reach those toes at this point anymore haha. I rarely ever take time to do anything for myself and it really rejuvenates me!

SO today I wanted to focus on NOTHING mommy related and just...cute fashion :)

This Abercrombie & Fitch Sweatshirt Dress is SO CUTE! The tough part about this one is the gray goes in and out to stock very frequently BUT it does come in a really pretty olive and blush color as well. SO if your size is out...keep checking! It is SUPER soft and I actually got my normal size small. Its a little tight around the bump but I could still make it work now and it will actually be amazing later! I plan to wear it with some OTK boots! Madewell actually had a very similar one HERE but the A&F one is much more affordable!!!

Talking about OTK boots....I actually purchased THESE this week! I haven't received them yet so I will definitely keep you updated....BUT I actually saw them on ashleeknichols! She has a lot of great finds that are affordable which I LOVE. She shared THESE OTK boots.....that are UNDER $75! I have been on the hunt for a pair in this camel color because I swear I LIVE in my black ones during the winter time! I can't wait to get them! :)

Another shoe I found this week is another sneaker. UH I know, I can't stop with the sneaks....I am finding I reach to wear them more on a regular basis than my cute shoes haha...but I mean these sneakers are CUTE! So I have these in my cart and haven't pulled the plug yet. They are actually on pre-order and from Reebok? I haven't bought Reebok shoes in I don't know...maybe ever? BUT THESE HERE are so cute!!!! I mean....they are cute right!?

Ok Last Two Things....are cold weather related. The chilly weather has finally arrived and my swollen pregnant self is ok with that. I have two things to share...one I own and one that is on my way to the house right now!!

First this scarf was the "it" scarf last year and its back! Its a great basic scarf that is big...super soft...and literally goes with every jacket/winter coat I own!! I am so excited to wear THIS HERE scarf again this year!

Then last year I was on the hunt for a beanie with pom pom on top (because I just don't do the beanie without the fuzz ball on top...I end up feeling like Meg from Family Guy without that fuzz ball if you know what I mean)....SO I am on the hunt early and found THIS ONE. Its super affordable and I love the colors! I am thinking of getting the light grey but I also love this blushy nude one as well!!

Thats all for today! I hope you all have a great weekend!!! I am planning out my next week and getting posts up regularly next week!! :)


September Favorites + Leopard Cardi LOVE

October 09, 2017

Happy Monday!!!

Today I have a couple things going on on this Monday! I am sharing my September Favorites on my channel!! I have some great products to share along with a couple fashion pieces that I AM LOVING. Including this amazing leopard cardigan from Gray Monroe!! Last week I shared another cardigan from Gray Monroe! They really have amazing fall pieces out right now so make sure to check them out! 

Make sure to check out my September Favorites! Subscribe if you are not! Also let me know what you would like to see on the blog!! I am planning out my posts for the next couples weeks! Let me know what you would like to see from me!


Friday Finds

October 06, 2017

Hey Everyone, Happy Friday!!

Today I have of course my Friday Finds but also a new Declutter video went up on the channel!! My nesting mode had to go through and completely declutter all my face products. I am trashing foundations, concealers, powders, bronzers, blushes, and highlights!! I did pretty good and really had cleaned out this collection in my last declutter. Doesn't cleaning things out just feel so good!?

Today I wanted to share my Friday 5! So first are these amazing joggers!!! I did size to a small but I think pre-pregnancy weight I would need an XS. These are going to be so cozy for post-partum! They are the prettiest blush color too that goes with any neutral! For only 25 bucks you can't go wrong!

Another Target find this week. Target just understands me. I just love Target and I literally live in walking distance of one which makes my love for Target very dangerous. BUT I actually heard of this from @lynzyandco .....Shes the best BTW you need to follow her if you don't already! She shared THIS nursing/maternity tee! It is SUPER soft tee and the side slits actually go all the way up the sides which make it super easy for nursing. I just think of those first weeks where you feel like your life is sitting in a chair nursing all day. It also has these little tabs on the shoulders to fold up the bottom of the tee to hold the shirt up while nursing. GENIUS! This is going to be awesome for the first weeks at home and I might wear it everyday :)

Ok Next the nursery....I had such a hard time deciding what direction I wanted to take with the nursery. I didn't know what style or color scheme or ANYTHING. BUT I have to say after a couple things came in and came together it all started to flow! I went back and forth on a rug for her room and finally decided on THIS ONE :) I think its a beautiful piece and I honestly can see this in her room for a long time!!

So the next thing I found this week but not yet have pulled the plug on are THESE slippers. I have been on the hunt for a nice pair of slippers. I haven't found any I really love. These are a reasonable price and they look so cozy! What do you think? Does anyone have these? Are they good!? I love the gray color too!

Ok Last thing my friends, is this coat. You all know probably the past 2 years I have hopped back into the Abercrombie world. Why? Because the quality is amazing for the prices, they do great sales, and they don't have weird sizes anymore! Remember when their clothes used to only fit kindergartners? Well not anymore, they fit real size adults now and I AM OBSESSED. THIS COAT is everything. I want it in every color. Its just a really pretty coat and this color blush is like ....everything yup its everything!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Share with me your finds for the week! 


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