BBG: The Results

June 20, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

So here we are 3 months later! I have been through the BBG program....well kind of. If you read my original BBG post and what I was doing for fitness you know that I was doing half of BBG. I was following the program but for all the resistance workouts I was doing each circuit only once and not twice like the program suggests and I was adding extra cardio instead of that extra circuit. Then I was doing 3-4 days of running. 

So I've had a lot of DM's and questions about BBG...Did it work? Did I see results? Did I use the app or use the PDF?

Well I have to say I really love the program. I've heard people getting bored of the program but I didn't find that to be true for me. I think the program is super challenging and I was never bored!! If you are motivated and want to push yourself...this program is awesome and you won't be bored. 

Was it hard? Heck yes even going one time through there were days....maybe weeks where I could barely walk I was so sore haha. I love it though! If it wasn't challenging then for me I would get bored! I am the type of person where I want to dread my workouts and after feel super accomplished. Why do it if its not challenging!?

 Did I see results? I did see results...but I don't feel "transformed". However I feel A HECK of a lot stronger! I feel like I can go through my day to day life easier. My muscles feel toned and I feel like I have more stamina to get through the day....carrying kids...carrying toys...ya know doing mom life. As far as weight loss, I probably lost about 6-7 pounds which is pretty substantial and was pretty much the extra baby weight I was carrying. I also feel like I gained a ton of muscle though. Even after having Eli I felt so flabby. I honestly feel like I am starting to get back to what I was before Eli. I had a lot of natural muscle tone before and I feel like I am getting closer to that. I don't however feel like I am totally transformed into some super skinny super muscular person BUT I did just have a baby 6 months ago so my body has been through a lot. I have to say the results for me were worth the hard work I put in!!

As far as the app and the PDF, I personally used the PDF. I had used the app for a trial week before I started the program and I didn't really enjoy using the app. I like knowing whats next and being able to not press a button and just go into the next exercise. Also I had times during BBG where I would have to stop after a circuit and handle the kiddos. (Rory would wake up from nap or Eli would need to use the potty....things like that) So I would have to take a little longer than 30 seconds in between each circuit but I don't feel like that took away from the workout when I did have to stop. 

Whats next? Well I love the program so I am back at WEEK 1!! This time I have decided to do the two rounds. I actually did legs on Monday twice through and BOY am I sore today!!! See still super challenging!! I have to say the program is amazing if you are motivated enough to stick to it and compete with yourself!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts! Let me know if you have any questions and I can get them answered for you asap!

What I've Purchased Lately

June 19, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!

So I feel like Ive been doing a little shopping lately...lets be honest when am I NOT shopping! I have found some really great goodies. I made a couple of larger purchases before I limit myself to no more shopping. Ill probably slow down my shopping and purchases the next few weeks before the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I can't wait for that sale!! Anyways here is what I bought!

Pale Pink Nail Picks!

June 12, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

Today I am sharing with you my favorite and most used Pale Pink/Whitish Nail Picks. I always grab these when we enter summer and spring. Well really I love these colors all year round but these are pretty much only on my nails through the spring/summer! 

I never get my nails done. I do them by myself.....never great looking but I have to say its cheaper and I actually like doing them as its a relaxing thing to do :) So here is what we have:

1. Julep Satin Focus Finish in Erin. Well LA Tee DA....I think the nailpolish was made for me!! hehehe A perfect nude/pale pink. I love that this one has a slight beige tone to it! Its beautiful with a tan!
2. Essie Private Weekend. This one is a pure white with a little bit of splash of glitter in there. You really don't even see the glitter on your nails but I really like that it is in there because whenever you use a glitter polish it tends to last longer. With white polishes I always notice it chipping quicker. So since there is a little glitter in the white polish I notice it lasts quite a bit longer!

3. Essie Gel Couture in Pre-Show Jitters. This is probably my most used. I absolutely love the formula of the Gel Couture line. I love the brush. It lasts on my nails the longest of any polish. This color is super opaque too!! Its the perfect pale pale pink that it is almost white. Its a winner!!

4. Essie Gel Couture in Matter Of Fiction. As stated above, I love the formula. The color is a little more pink but still a beautiful pale pink color!

5. Essie in Romper Room. I absolutely love this polish! Its a beautiful pink color. This one is very similar to Matter of Fiction. I think this one might even be a little more opaque.

6. Victoria Beckham in Bamboo White. Unfortunately I think this one is discontinued? It makes me so sad BUT I had to mention it because I LOVE IT! I love the formula of it but I think if I were to be getting married again I would wear this on my wedding day. Its just the most beautiful pale white/pink color!!

Those are my top picks!!! Make sure to share your favorite pale pink/white nailpolish picks too!!!

Have a great day!


Summer Essentials: PART ONE Beauty

June 08, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

Today I have a fun video of a two part series!! Talking all about Summer Essentials. Today is PART ONE and we are talking BEAUTY! All the beauty products I love to pull out and will be using this summer!! In Part Two we will be talking all about Fashion essentials for the summer!..everything from clothing, shoes to accessories. 

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Tips For Staying Motivated With Your Workouts

June 06, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

So I have really been working hard at getting back into a good fitness regimen. I have always been pretty active but I thought today would be fun to share some tips for staying motivated. You might got over the "ugh I need to start working out" hump but how do you continually stay motivated?

It isn't easy. Some days...especially when my babies don't sleep I find its hard and I can find myself making excuses. SO I thought I would share with you how I talk myself into working out and staying motivated!!

1. Make A Plan. Recently I have been doing BBG. This is easy because it kind of gives you a plan of what to do daily. I of course have tweaked it to my liking. I have found even over the years that if I make a weekly plan of what I need to get in for my makes it easier to get in! Its almost like meal-planning but workout planning! Each day you have something to get get it done!

2. Be Flexible With Your Plan. Make sure when you plan out your week...leave some flexibility in it. I know from experience (especially from marathon training) you have to leave the ability to change your plans otherwise you will miss your workout altogether. For example, it may rain on a run day...well make it a leg day. Or take the day off but make sure you switch that run day to another day. I know sometimes especially with my kids sleep habits, I have to change some stuff around. If I have a day where the sleep is just not happening...I don't want to force my body to do something it just cant...but then I know I have to get it in later that week. 

3. Look At Your Progress. If you're goal is to lose weight and you've lost 3....keep your eye on the prize. You've already gone that just keep going! YOU GOT THIS!!

4.  Last Tip is Have a Friend Help keep you on track!! So when I started BBG my sister actually decided to start the week after me!! So we have been really helping each other keep on track! Its been fun to talk about it with her and see how things are going for her! I think even at first we checked in daily on if we worked out or not!! :) Find a workout buddy...You don't need to workout with them...just a friend to keep you motivated and going!!

I hope these helped in your fitness journey!!


Abercrombie Try-On

June 05, 2018
Hey Everyone!!!

Today I shared an Abercrombie Dress Try-On on my IG Stories!!! I thought I would come on here to post all the links!!!

The printed romper and t-shirt dress is on sale today!!! To scoop those up if you are eyeing them!

Romper: Wearing Size Small. Runs TTS. ON SALE FOR $34.80

Dress: Wearing Size Small. Runs TTS. Under $60

Tshirt Dress: Wearing Size Small Petite (Need Size Small) Runs TTS. ON sale for $35

Twist Front BodyCon Dress: Wearing Small Petite. Runs a little long. Under $50

Twist Front Dress: Wearing Small. Runs TTS. Under $50

Have a great day!!


Target Dress Try-On

May 30, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!
Today I have a fun Target Dress Try-On!!! All of these dresses are in Size XS! They are also all under $30!! Such great deals and I had to share!!

Make sure to head over to my IG Stories for what I think of them! Everything is linked below!!


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