Vionic Shoes: Comfort In Style

May 22, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

Today I wanted to share these adorable shoes from Vionic. Today's post is in collaboration with Vionic. I have to say they stand by comfort and these wedges are total comfort. As a busy mom, I can't have shoes that are too high because I can't run after my kids in them. These I could run forever in!! They are so comfortable and I love how cute they are for spring and summer. The metallic is super trendy right now. 

I love how these will easily transition with any outfit...dressed casual or dressed up.  Definitely check out Vionic Shoes for more comfortable yet stylish shoes for your spring or summer look!

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5 High-End Makeup Products To Start With

May 21, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

Today I wanted to share 5 makeup products to start with. What the heck does that mean Erin? Well I have got messages for years asking for recommendations for higher end products when starting to purchase them. I was a drugstore girl forever and when I wanted to start to splurge on higher end products...I had no idea where to start. What was worth the money? What was quality that I would get good use out of??

So today I wanted to share with 5 products that I would completely recommend if you have never tried higher end makeup!! I think these products are great makeup products to spend your money towards. 

1. Nars Laguna Bronzer. The cult favorite of bronzers. You just have to try it. The color is beautiful on so many skintones. It isn't flat matte but it isn't luminous either. It glides on smoothly so its user friendly. No advanced makeup artist skills needed :)

2. Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Powder in Highlight 01.  The name is bizarre but this is a highlighter. If you aren't used to highlight but want to start to dabble in it. I always suggest this one. It is natural looking but buildable. You can build this up to a WAbam highlight but always use it very subtle from a light from within look. It is really gorgeous!

3. BeautyBlender. You just have to splurge on one. If you have used the drugstore versions....the beautyblender is just on another level. I can't live without this thing. It only works when dampened but blends out foundation, concealer and I even use it with powders for a really natural look. I hate that brushes give me brush strokes with liquid products so I always opt for this. Once you try will never go back!

4. MAC Lipstick. Is this even considered high-end anymore? Its a must in every girls makeup. There is a shade and formula for every one. My personal all-time favorite is 'Blankety'. Although I have so many MAC lipsticks. They are just classic and great. You can't go wrong with them. 

5. Naked Palettes. If you have never tried a high-end eyeshadow...this is where you start. Urban Decay has the most amazing eyeshadow formula that you don't need to work with. They glide on so smoothly and blend out with ease. Whatever shades you prefer they have a palette for you....even an all-matte palette. Again no makeup artistry needed here...any beginner can use with ease and create a beautiful eye look. 

So I hope you all found this helpful!! Any questions just let me know in comments or DM me on IG ;)

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Rompers Under $100 & Nursing Friendly

May 17, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!

Ok So I LOVE rompers. Why? Because its an entire outfit. Why not just a dress? Because its usually covers and you don't have to worry about kids lifting up your dress or the wind ;)

But really I love rompers....and well there are some Cons to rompers too. The bathroom becomes a challenge...and well Nursing my little one...because pretty much impossible!! SO I decided to share some nursing friendly rompers...because they DO exsist!

This one from AE in particular caught my eye!!! It has a little hook closure and its adorable! I love the way this one fits as well. It also have an elastic waistband so all the postpartumness can fit nicely!

I have a bunch of GREAT nursing friendly rompers all under $100 below!! Definitely check them out!


Beauty Haul & Reviews

May 15, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!

So I mentioned this quickly on IG Stories yesterday. Lately posting everyday has been super hard for me. I just don't have the time (unless I want to stay up super late and this mama needs her sleep because Ro is not sleeping through the night still) to get posts 5X during the week. I am scaling back to about 3 posts per week. I will have one video and then a couple of fun posts!! I have some great content coming that I know you all will love!

First a beauty haul for my channel!!! I recently got so many goodies from the Sephora Sale and my birthday. I thought I would share with you all what I got and include some mini reviews on the products I have tried so far!!

I hope you all enjoy!


Aerie Try-On

May 11, 2018

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday!!! Instead of Friday Finds today I wanted to share with you what I ordered from Aerie! I have been loving their comfy clothes and had to share with you some great deals!!

First the Romper above is actually from American Eagle. Its $50 and Nursing friendly so I thought I would share it as well :)

Sweatshirt/Jeans (Not From Aerie)

Have a great weekend!!


Spring Shoe Round-Up

May 08, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

Today I am sharing my GO-TO Spring Shoe Favorites!! These are the shoes I grabbed this season to get me through spring and summer!! I have invested in a some pairs that I think will be go-to shoes. I do love shoes but I always tend to grab cheapy Target shoes. I wanted to invest in a couple pairs that I think will hold up well!

1. Adidas Edge Lux. I could NOT NOT with blush sneakers. I have looked and ordered and tried so many blush sneakers but nothing made the cut but these!!! These are like socks. Now these are not for working out for me. I wanted something lightweight...cute...blush...that would be comfortable to run to the park....cute enough to wear with an outfit or just sweats. These are SO COMFORTABLE and SO lightweight!! It literally feels like I am wearing socks. I know some people like the Nike Flyknits which I have ordered and tried but honestly these are better and I rarely stray away from Nike. 

2. Treasure & Bond Sannibel Platform Wedges. Everyone and their mother and their mother's mother has these wedges. I had to try em. I heard countless times how comfortable they were. I honestly used to LIVE in wedges but ever since having kids...they weren't practical for me. I have bought a couple within the past couple years and they were too high...too hard to walk in. BUT THESE my friends are a Mom's wedge. They aren't too high...they are so comfortable to walk in. I can actually run after kids in these. Total Mom Approved Wedges here and they are under $100!!

3. Free People Mont Blanc. I bought mine in the shade "Natural" GUYS. Guys...Guys...These are the shoes I will live in. I think I have already worn and showed them so many times. I can't believe how versatile these are. I will actually be able to also pull these into early fall as well. The leather is so buttery. They are SO comfortable. They look cute with the bummiest (is that a word?) of clothes but also SO cute with a dress. These shoes...I think are my favorite. Totally worth the investment. 

4. Birkenstock. I got the white pair. I had a knock-off pair a couple years ago and I beat those babies to the ground. I knew I needed to invest in a pair. I LOVE how comfortable birks are. They are so cute. These are the best sandals. I think I will always and forever own some type of Birkenstock. 

5. Madewell Gemma Mules. I am not sure how available these are anymore but I have to share with you the best of the best! I have already worn these most of spring. I swear everytime I put an outfit on....I go hmmm what would go with this Madewell Mules. They are so easy to slip-on and go. They are so comfortable and I just am a mule lover. Always have been! 

Alrighty Friends. Those are my ABSOLUTE FAVES!! You can guarantee to see these 5 on my feet all spring and summer long!


April Favorites

May 07, 2018

Happy Monday Everyone!!!
Well the blog took a little break last week but today we are back and at it!!

I am sharing my April Favorites on my channel today!! I have some great favorites to share with you!  ENJOY!!

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