Rory's 3 Month Update!

February 19, 2018

Hello Everyone!!

Today Rory is 3 months! I can't believe she is already 3 months!! I feel like 3 months is a huge milestone. They start to leave the newborn stage and enter infant stage. It is so sad she is already SO BIG! 
She absolutely LOVES her brother. Her eyes follow him wherever he goes. Whenever she hears him, she just gets so excited! She also loves loves loves playing on her playmat. We have the Kick N Play Piano mat and she goes wild!!! Its so cute!
We still have yet to sleep totally through the night. Although she has made it all the way to 5am twice!....which I call a win! She is actually a pretty good sleeper though so I really can't complain. The second time around the "not" sleeping through the night...isn't as hard? Maybe I have a good baby, but really I find it easier with nightly feedings with her. It doesn't really bother me. Usually she gets up once...every once in awhile she will get up twice to feed. 
She is sleeping in her crib but I have yet to get her down for long naps in her crib. We have tried but she fights them really badly. She prefers napping in her rock n play or just wherever we drag her. I'd really like to get her napping in her crib asap here. 

My Top/My Jeans/Rory Top/Rory Bow/Rory Leggings/Rory Booties

She is SUCH a happy baby as well. I will smile and her and she just is SO smiley right back. She smiles all the time and it melts my heart! 

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Floral Prints & A Celine Sunglass DUPE

February 16, 2018


We made it! We made it through another week my friends. So today I don't have a Friday Finds, because honestly I didn't find much this week!!! 

I have however ordered a couple things to start the completion of my Spring Wishlist. If you saw yesterday's post, I have made a list of things that I feel I need in my closet for Spring! I have some great staples I need and I'm so excited to slowly grab them! I will most likely do an upcoming haul on my channel to show some spring pieces I am grabbing. 

I wanted to share today this adorable dress that I picked up a little bit ago. I shared this in a recent try-on clothing haul! It is super cute and perfect for the transition from winter to spring. 

As you can see, theres a ton of snow on the ground but in the Chicagoland forecast...I SEE 50s. Can I get some Jesus Hands over hereeee haha

But really I am super excited about some warmer weather because we are definitely going stir crazy in this house. Its so hard to get the kids out of the house. I love warmer weather because I can just pop them in the stroller or walk quickly right over to the park. I can NOT wait!!!

I HAVE to talk about these sunglasses too! So they are NOT the Celine sunglasses. I have lusted over the Celine sunglasses SO SO long. I love the shape of them and how they are oversized but NOT TOO oversized. The shape really is what is very flattering to my head shape. Anyways, I just can't justify (nor could I ever justify) spending that much on sunglasses. A bag, yes...a great pair of boots...yes....Sunglasses? No. I tend to break sunglasses...lose them...scratch them...bend them...I am not just gentle with sunglasses. SO anyways I FOUND THESE on amazon! They are SO SO SO similar and they are only $10!!! Thats right my friends 10 BUCKS. They also come in black and a matte black. Im debating on getting all of them because again...I love the shape of them so much!!

Anyways, I hope you have a GREAT weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!


Spring Clothing Wishlist: What I'm Buying This Spring!

February 15, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!
Today I am sharing my SPRING Clothing Wishlist!!! 
After decluttering and decluttering my closet, I have realized there are some pieces I am missing in my closet that I would like to add this coming spring!

I think these things are classics and definitely going to fit into my wardrobe!

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Winter Blue

February 13, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!

Does anyone else feel like this is the worst month to shop??? The after-Christmas sales are over...and everything is shorts, tanks and swimsuits in stores....and when you live where it just snowed over a foot of snow...thats not super appealing to purchase!!

I keep wanting to buy Spring Items but I'm not sure I am quite ready! I will say I have a list of things I am planning on adding to my closet for Spring and I will be sharing that later this week!! :)

I wanted to share this sweater that gives me all the spring vibes but still keeps me warm! I am obsessed with the fit of this sweater especially the sleeves!!! 

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Faux Leather Leggings: 4 Ways

February 12, 2018

Hey Everyone!!
Today I am sharing with you a fun styling video!! I am sharing with you ideas on ways to wear your Faux Leather Leggings by Spanx. These are AMAZING leather leggings that makes your bum bum look GOOD. They are the only leather leggings that don't show those lumps and bumps!

I have 4 ways to wear them: casual, cozy, dressed up and all black! I have personally worn these all of these ways!

Hope you all enjoy!

Friday Finds

February 09, 2018

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Today is a SNOW DAY! We are all super excited about all the snow! We haven't had really any huge snowfalls here in the Chicago area so we were due for some snow....but after this snow...I would like it to leave and not come back until Christmas 2018. Please and Thank You. 

Anyways, today I have a couple goodies to share with you all. First this Loft Wrap Tunic I had shared awhile ago is on SALE for only $33 today!!! Its available in all colors and also comes in a pretty green color! Its super cozy and great for nursing mamas :)

For today's Friday Finds I have 5 things, as always, for the week. Fresh sent me a couple of their new items I will be testing out this weekend and THEY LOOK AMAZING!!! I can't wait to share with you all my thoughts!! We have the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask, Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Body Cream

Even though its a huge snow storm, I found these Nike Slides. I MEAN how cute are these!?!? BEST PART They are only $25!!! I will be living in these this spring/summer!

Lastly, I will definitely be sharing these on Stories later today. As we know for my February Style Sesh, I have been sharing two pieces that I am styling multiple ways for the month! The Madewell Perfect Summer Jeans are one of the pieces and I am obsessed with them! They have been so fun to style....WELL I found another pair that are pretty similar to them and they are on sale for $39!! These Abercrombie High-Waisted Straight Jeans are super similar and so cute on!!! There are some differences though. The Abercrombie jeans have stretch to them. The wash is very similar but the cut at the bottom is a little different as well. They seem to almost flare out on me a little and they run a little longer than the Madewell jeans. I am only 5'2 so the Abercrombie ones might be a better option for those who are taller. I would need a short in these to make them work. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Try-On Haul: Nordstrom, Abercrombie & AE

February 07, 2018

Hey Everyone!

Today I am sharing a try-on haul!!! Everything is linked below here! I will be posting all videos on stories as well!


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