Happy Birthday ELI!!!! & Spring Eyelet Top

March 22, 2018

TODAY is the best day ever. It is my baby boy's 3rd birthday!!!! This day is probably the best day ever because I became a mom on this day. Eli has brought SO MUCH joy and laughter to our life. He might be the funniest kid I know. He knows how to tease me better than I tease him. He loves to laugh and joke. He is literally the happiest kid. Of course he has moments but I just absolutely love this kid. I can't believe he is 3. I am so proud of the little man he is becoming and I can't believe I am lucky enough to be called his mom!!!

I wanted to share a little outfit as well. Don't you love how my little man is all bundled up and I am in some springy outfit!? Its so freaking cold and I AM SO sick of it! We want warm weather where wearing my outfit is acceptable. :)

Have a wonderful day!


My Everyday Hair Tutorial

March 20, 2018
Hello Everyone!!!

Finally I am sharing an updated Hair Tutorial!!! I wanted to show you how I do my everyday curls and share a quick bit on my hair care routine!!!

I hope you find this helpful and let me know of course if you have any questions!!!

So first and foremost, I only wash my hair maybe twice a week. I like to get longevity out of my hair because I have pretty thick, coarse naturally frizzy hair. My hair just doesn't need to be washed everyday. I do find that the products I use help to keep my hair going through the week. I find my hair is healthier now that I wash less!

When I need a little love to my hair throughout the year, I always use a little dry shampoo. THIS dry shampoo I have used for years now. This is the only dry shampoo that ACTUALLY leaves my hair clean and refreshed. Its the best of the best!

I started using this hair oil last year and I haven't gone back. It leaves my hair looking so shiny and healthy! I absolutely love it!

When I wash, I wash with THIS Shampoo and THIS conditioner. It makes my hair feel amazing! It feels clean and not stripped. It really does give me the Perfect Hair Day!! Here is also the curling iron I use HERE

Let me know your favorite hair products and again let me know if you have any questions about my hair!


Insta-Story Try-On: Loft & Abercrombie & Perfect Spring Dress

March 19, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!

I randomly decided to share an Insta-Story Try On for you all! I recently got just a couple things from Loft and Abercrombie! Let me know if you like smaller try-ons like this!!!

Everything is linked here:

I recently snagged this dress and I have been loving it!!! I love how feminine it is yet that it is casual enough for everyday wear. I paired this straw tote with it and my favorite sandals!! This dress is on sale right now! I would go true to size! I will say the arms are a little short on the dress BUT it has pockets so it all balances out ;) 

Hope you all have a great day!


Spring Clothing Haul + Try On!

March 14, 2018
Hey Everyone!!

Today I have a HUGE Spring Clothing Haul and Try-On!!! There are some really great staple pieces I have picked up this spring and I am super excited to share them with you!!! Make sure to head over to my channel and don't forget to subscribe!!


My Favorite Self Tanners

March 13, 2018
Hey Everyone!!!

I am really excited to share with you all what I use for self-tanner today. It TIS the season for self-tanner! Every year March hits and I am ready to begin my self-tanner game. BUT here is the deal, I HATE self-tanning. I am not the best at self-tanning either. The good news is that I have tried a lot and I have found some great ones that you don't need to be an expert at applying to get a great self-tan!

Ok I know what you are thinking, this post is sponsored by Jergens. Actually it is not. They did send me these products about a year ago and I've actually repurchased this all!! But lets start with the St. Tropez bronzing mousse. 

I absolutely love the St. Tropez bronzing mousse. I actually prefer their 2-hour express tan but I am currently just using their original bronzing mousse! Either one creates a beautiful color on the skin. It gives an olivey tan that isn't too orange or red. Everytime I apply this, it never streaks. I ALWAYS apply with a tanning mitt. I make sure my skin is exfoliated and clean as well. 

What I have also been loving is the entire Jergens tanning line. I am sure you have heard of their gradual tan lotion but I have to say their actual self-tanning line is AMAZING! The entire system from their Color Primer, Bronzing Mousse, and their Tan Extender (lotion). The combination of these 3 have really great results and I find this system keeps my tan lasting a lot longer than the St. Tropez. The Color Primer is the best exfoliator. It has a slight tanning tinge to it and the beads exfoliate so nicely!! The Bronzing mousse applies very very similarly to St. Tropez. The Tan extender is a perfect moisturizer that really helps to seal your tan in for at least 2 weeks!! 

Lastly, I have to mention probably my favorite discovery of last year is this Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with the Natural Glow. I always grab the Medium to Tan because it gives the most beautiful natural color on your skin!! This is the best friend to the lazy girl tan! You literally just slap this on your body right out of the shower when your skin is still wet....pat dry...and you have an instant tan! Its not streaky and applies evenly. I would say I can't use this in the dead of summer when I have a tan. I usually like to use this now until my skin gets color from summer time. Its the absolute best!!! Make sure to get the Medium to Tan though even if your super fair!! (Medium to Deep skintones would probably not benefit from this product)

Self-tanning doesn't have to be hard my friends! These products make it easy!! I hope this post was helpful! 

Thanks for stopping by!


February Empties + Spring Tee Only $34

March 12, 2018
Happy Monday Everyone!!!
Well It is Monday. I say Let's make this a great Monday!! Today I have an Empties video for you!! I can't believe how much makeup I have used up lately!! Ever since really focusing on using up products rather than just constantly consuming, I have used up so much!!

I also wanted to share this cute and perfect "mom" outfit. I found these t-shirts and now have them in 2 colors. I am pretty obsessed. They are so so soft and I love the peplum detail!! It is only $34 as well!

Make sure if you aren't subscribed to my channel to subscribe and like the video if you enjoyed!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Friday Finds + Loft Sale Picks

March 09, 2018
Happy Friday Everyone!!

I feel like I haven't done my Friday Finds in a couple weeks!!! I know this week was a little silent over on the blog and I wasn't able to get a video up. I feel like this week just flewwww by! I actually can't believe its already Friday but hey I'm not complaining!!

So I picked up a couple things this week and of course I have to share!!! So here we go, here is my Friday 5.

I picked up this straw bag! I've clearly been seeing a trend on IG lately with the Clare V bag but honestly I can't justify a straw bag for that much. Its really really cute but I'd rather pay more for a leather bag. So I snagged this tote. It IS HUGE! It can fit so much and its just super cute for spring/summer. The price tag is right too :) I also grabbed this little white top. I am clearly on a white top and jeans kick. Its my favorite thing to wear summer and spring! 

 I can't believe I'm saying this but I need makeup haha I have been starting to run out of a lot! (Don't worry a huge empties vid is coming next week!) So I actually picked up this brow product from Hourglass. I haven't gotten it yet but it looks just like my precious Benefit Gimme Brow! I also have been trying out Drunk Elephant products lately! I raved the other day on Stories about the C-Firma Serum. Seriously you guys, you need this. Its the best day serum and I've seen results in only one week. I'll be raving on this more in an upcoming post don't worry ;)

Last thing, I grabbed that FP Henley that you see on everyone. I honestly grabbed it because I thought what a great transitional top! Its super flowly and forgiving but I love how it snaps! Great for nursing! I will say it runs pretty snug in the arms so go with your normal size and it should be ok. 

Ok Last bit, LOFT is having a 40% off everything sale so I wanted to include a couple Loft Picks!!

Have a great weekend!!


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