Hiccapop Bumper Review

September 19, 2017

Hey Everyone!!

Today I have a fun NOT SPONSORED review! So with baby #2 on the way, we have decided to get Eli into a regular twin bed. I thought the transition would go TERRIBLY because....I worry about everything haha. BUT to my surprise Eli absolutely transitioned with ease!

So with transitioning to regular twin bed we obviously needed to take some safety measures. My little wild sleeper is all over the bed and I knew that for sure we needed a bedrail. I searched and searched and purchased bedrails and NOTHING fit his bed. Nothing worked great! I don't know if it is because he has a paneled bed or whatever BUT I got frustrated soooo I researched. I found on amazon THIS bumper by Hiccapop. I was skeptical but then read reviews!

This has been amazing! It is so much more affordable than a bedrail as well. This bumper goes underneath the sheet and mattress pad. It fits most of a regular twin bed and it the full length of a toddler bed. The bottom of the bumper has grippers that grip to the mattress so it doesn't slip or slide around. The ages suggested are for 2-6 years. 

Eli and I love this product! I definitely suggest it! It has kept Eli safe and sound and able to get a good nights rest in his big boy bed :)


Dresses for Every Mama ~ Pregnancy, Nursing & Normal Everyday Life!

September 18, 2017

Hey Everyone!!!

Today I am sharing some dresses that Have It All. In this phase of my life, finding pieces that can do it all for me...are the most enticing to purchase. Being 30 weeks pregnant, I need something that can work with my 30 week bump, can be great postpartum nursing and also be great piece to have in my closet when I get back to my normal size!....You see I just want it all! but who doesnt!? Honestly, spending money on pieces that you will only need for such a short amount of time just seems silly as well! Therefore I wanted to share some great dresses! 

I think dresses are a perfect piece for maternity wear and just life in general especially one that is comfortable like THIS one. I absolutely love the material! It is soft and has a slight stretch. The A-line shape of it is perfect for a bump. The buttons on the front make it really great for nursing. Overall its a great piece for fall!! I paired it with my FAVORITE CARDIGAN and some booties! I got my normal size a small and fit is perfect!

I also wanted to share other dresses that have it all....great for pregnancy, nursing and non-maternity normal size wear :) Make sure to check those out below!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Let me know if you have any great pieces that are so versatile!


Friday Finds

September 15, 2017

Hey Everyone!!

HAPPY FRIDAY! I am so thankful it is Friday you all have NO idea! I wanted to share a couple of things I found throughout the week!! 

First, I actually have owned THESE pj's from Target for a couple years and I saw they still have them in a ton of colors!! They are LEGIT the best pjs....I wear them now in pregnancy, they are PERFECT for nursing especially those first weeks of baby being home. They are so soft and cozy and they wash up great!!! I just ordered 2 more pairs!

I also ordered this henley dress which I think will be a great dress for nursing but also it looks so cute with a bump because of the shape! If you saw my post earlier this week on Non-maternity clothing for pregnancy, it is all about the shape for a dress that works with a bump.

I also saw this tee. I own it in the gray and saw they have a striped one! I am pretty sure I need it. I haven't ordered it but I pretty much need it! I think it will be a great tee for now with a bump and later for everyday wear!...Did I mention its only 19 bucks!?

I also snagged this bath towel for baby girl. I wanted to share this because I absolutely LOVE and can attest to all Burt's Bee Baby Bath items. From their bath wash, to their wash clothes and towels, I love them all!

OK PEEPS one last thing, I NEED YOUR ADVICE! I ordered these shoes for Eli. I AM desperate to find him shoes! I ordered an 8.5 wide. I seriously can NOT find shoes for the kid! He has the fattest widest feet! It is so difficult to find a good pair of shoes for him! Let me know if you have any...I ordered these and I am praying they work!

Have a great weekend!


Fall Must-Have Pieces

September 14, 2017

Hey Everyone! 

So sorry I haven't been able to post the last couple days!! My days are all off now because I have been sick. This is a crazy week in general and of course I get sick haha. Anyways, I HAD to get a post up today and share with you a couple pieces from a boutique that I recently received. All these pieces are non-maternity. As you guys know, I really try to keep all my pieces I share non-maternity....not because I won't wear maternity but just because I think some maternity clothes can be so maternity looking haha.

These pieces are from Chicory Lane Boutique. They just released some fall pieces and I am swooning. I love supporting small businesses. 

This first top is a fall must-have. It is a big boxy and oversized (which I love) but I sized up to a Medium. I probably could have gone with a small but the medium works too. The material is a soft flannel and I love the frayed edges. This is perfect layering piece! I have so many ways to style this but my favorite is just throwing a chunky cardi with it!

Cardi HERE/Jeans HERE/Shoes HERE/Hat HERE/Sunglasses HERE

I also love this top. This fall sleeve detail is everything...well sleeve detail has been everything for a long time. So I love this top wear you have detail around the hem of the shirt. It gives interest and also pairs amazing with leggings!!

Cardi HERE/Jeans HERE/Shoes HERE

So I just wanted to share a couple of these pieces in a quick post! Tomorrow will be our regular scheduling of Friday Finds and because I am behind on my posts get ready for next week full of fun posts! :)



Non-Maternity Clothes for Pregnancy Tips + Tricks

September 11, 2017

Happy Monday Everyone!!
SO throughout the month I have been WANTING to do this video and have mentioned it several times on my channel. SO today is the day!! I am sharing some tips and tricks on dressing for pregnancy WITHOUT stepping into the maternity section!! I have done it this entire pregnancy and SO CAN YOU!

I have linked the video below to check out some great pieces along with my tips and tricks but for now here is a brief overview on my tips: 

1. Tops: GO LONG not wide. I learned this asap during my first pregnancy. I had no idea how my body would change and grow. I just thought I needed really flowy or boxy tops. NOPE the longer the better. Your belly grows out especially in that third trimester. It might help to size up with normal tops but check the length first.....If it would be good without a bump with leggings...its a good top for a bump!

2. Material is everything. The material of clothing has never been so important to me!! I love something that is soft and stretchy. Stiff, scratchy and has no give?...NO THANKS! You are already so uncomfortable...why suffer in stiff scratchy clothing!?

3. Joggers and Leggings are your best friend. I am not going to lie you will need to size up in your favorite leggings. Leggings in your normal size will most likely become restricting and uncomfortable but maternity leggings aren't entirely necessary! Find something with a great stretchy material and just size up. You will most likely live in them. With joggers, I always stay with my normal size and the best part...you will live in them postpartum. 

4. Speaking of POSTPARTUM....This is something I never really thought about with Eli is nursing. I never thought of having nursing friendly clothing. I remember after having him, I made my mom run out and get me at least some pajamas that were easy to nurse in. Because you are nursing literally around the clock, the ladies need to be accessible. I did however know you don't go back into your normal size jeans immediately after giving birth. Think about what you are wearing around 20-27 weeks...thats most likely where you will be....but everyone is different. So when purchasing things, think is this nursing friendly that I KNOW I will wear postpartum? Its nice to get longevity out of the clothing you purchase!

5. Last is dresses. They are PERFECT to wear with a bump....BUT look at the fit. Shift dresses, swing dresses, A-line dresses....are perfect. Anything that cinches your waist or has seams around the stomach area...they will not work!!! I love finding dresses also with a soft stretch to them. Jersey swing dresses are awesome and you don't really need to size up! Towards the third trimester if you have a dress that is a little too short because that bump is bumpin?...NO problem...just pair it with some leggings and knot that dress up at the side to make it tunic length and you have a whole new outfit!!!

I hope this tips and tricks help!! It is definitely tricky dressing that bump. I always love getting the most of out the clothes I'm buying...after all you are only pregnant for 9 months.

Share any tips and tricks below!!! 


Friday Finds + August Favorites

September 08, 2017

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Today I wanted to share with you my latest August Favorites video! I have been really loving these things in August. 

Top HERE/ Jeans HERE/ Sunglasses HERE

Dress HERE/ Shoes HERE

I also wanted to share 5 things I found this week. I would really love to do this as a weekly series. I LOVE when bloggers share great finds!! I wanted to share 5 finds I found and most likely purchased this week!

Have a great weekend! XO


Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

September 07, 2017
Top HERE/Joggers HERE/Bralette HERE/Headboard HERE

Hey Everyone!
Today I wanted to share a pregnancy update! I think sharing my updates on here rather than in vlog form is a lot easier especially since things change so subtle week by week. I cant believe we are this far along!! I will probably be sharing updates every 2 weeks as this belly grows and grows!

How Far Along: 28 weeks 6 Days. Tomorrow I turn 29 weeks!

How Big Baby Is: Somewhere between 2.5 and 3 lbs already! 16inch in length about the size of a coconut!

Gender: Baby GIRL!

Movement: She is moving Day and Night. Shes got the wiggles for sure. Some movements I swear have been so aggressive it startles me! She also gets the hiccups about twice a day!

Sleep: Throughout this entire pregnancy, sleep has been hit or miss. Sometimes I sleep great and sometimes I'm up all night....unfortunately last night I was up all night. 

What I Miss The Most: I miss clothes of course. I actually miss my normal jeans. I also miss diet coke and any caffeine in general. 

Maternity Clothes: I just shared THESE jeans yesterday on my insta-story. They are great! I also have been wearing THESE maternity tees which are such a good deal and super comfortable! Also I wanted to share THIS non-maternity dress that I have been loving!!!

Cravings: Actually not a ton....I had a craving for chili the other day and puppy chow but I think thats more fall related. Every time football season comes around I am ready for chili and puppy chow. Don't Ask haha. Besides the chili, I have actually had some serious aversions to anything spicy.....even things that have a little spice. I just want to eat bland food. 

Feeling: This pregnancy overall has been a little rougher than my first. I have really good days and some not so great days. I find that if I can keep myself busy the bad days aren't so bad. I had a spout of really crazy Braxton Hicks contractions around 25-26 weeks. They have kind of slowed down and I only get some at night now. I think I was dehydrated before which is NOT good. I feel so much bigger this time around so it just makes things harder to do! Overall though not too bad. 

Appointments: I just had my glucose test this week. All results came back healthy and good. Everyone always freaks out over the glucose test and I don't think its that bad. I also had to get a T-dap shot and a Rho-gam shot because I have a negative blood type. I hate shots...UGH! The doctor also told me its time to meet every 2 weeks! Ah I can't believe we are at that point already. 

Doing: Well I mentioned last week I was so behind on baby nursery. Well I have made major progress due to Labor Day Sales haha. We are using Eli's crib since he transitioned to a twin bed. The dresser my mom is re-purposing....which she is so crafty and I can't wait for you all to see it! I also got her glider, a pouf, a mirror, and a cute vase. I need a couple more things and we are set! I want her room very minimal and not cluttered. I want it to be a sweet warm space but not feeling like there is stuff everywhere. 

If you have any suggestions for great baby gear,  let me know in the comments or on IG! 


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