Simple Fall Refresh Home Update + Linea Lighting (Discount Code) #ad

August 14, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!

Today I have something rare on today's post....some home decor!!! I rarely show my home on here but I thought it would be fun to share with you all some ways I am decorating in this transition period to fall. I am anxious and ready for fall to start especially with back to school happening...I want all the flannels, pumpkins, apple cider donuts...all the fun stuff that fall brings. BUT Its legit 90 degrees out today so probably not appropriate. So I am slowly transitioning my house into those fall vibes in a softer way around my home!

I also wanted to share with you our new foyer light!! This is from Linea Lighting. I absolutely LOVE the touch it brings to our home. It gives our house that industrial farmhouse feel that I lust after. I love how the black contrasts against all the white and gray we have in our home. 

Linea Di Liara Lighting has amazing fixtures for anywhere in your home. From pendants and chandeliers to sconces, they have so many options for your home. They also have a really helpful blog on designing your lighting to make it a perfect fit for your home!!

Another exciting option is I have a discount code for you all!! This code will ONLY LAST for ONE WEEK ONLY! So make sure to head over and grab the light fixture you've been wanting for your home!!! Use code 'YE5BFZKP' at checkout!

Let's talk a little bit about my transitional home refresh....I have always been a fan of lighter and brighter in my house. After living in dark and dreary apartments in my younger days, I knew I wanted my home to be light and bright. I believe the light and bright concept really helps my mood and helps me be productive within the home. Therefore for my transition for fall, I kept things very light with pops of blush pink in there. I love these rosy-toned leaves with the galvanized vase. 

Hope you all have found a little inspiration! Make sure to check out Linea Lighting for your next light fixture!!


Abercrombie Picks AND SALE!

August 13, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!

Happy Monday! So today is the last day for 30% off at Abercrombie!!! You all know my love for Abercrombie and the deals they have for the quality. They have the best casual everyday clothes and Im hooked. Anyways, today is the last day for the sale so I thought I would share a couple of favorite items to grab!! Also make sure to check out my highlight reel on Instagram! I have A TON of try-ons to share there :)

In the picture above:

July Empties

August 09, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!
Today I am sharing my July Empties on my channel!! These are all the products I've used up in the month of July!!


MVMT For Her & Discount Code!

August 08, 2018

Hey Everyone!!
Today I wanted to share a couple accessories that I have incorporated into my daily wear! I absolutely LOVE these pieces and know you all will LOVE them too!

First the Beverly Marble Watch, it a timeless classic piece!! It has a light grey leather band with rose gold hardware and a marble face. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this watch and I feel like it goes very well with anything I wear. It is a statement piece without being too in your face as well! The piece really speaks for itself. I love how it dresses up even the basic of outfits as I was wearing my distressed jeans and chunky sweater. 

Next, we have a pair of sunglasses that are SO adorable, amazing quality, and surprisingly affordable! These are called the Backstage sunglasses. They also come in white! They actually look very similar to the very popular and crazy expensive Gucci sunglasses. I actually prefer these as they are super flattering, very oversized but again amazing quality!!


For the very exciting part, I have a discount code for you all!!! I have to say I love when bloggers have discount codes and I frequently use them all the time haha! So when I was able to get a discount code on these amazing sunglasses and watch I was SUPER excited!! So if you would like $15 off your next purchase with MVMT use code 'absolutelyairs15' 



Little Spoon & Rory Update

August 07, 2018

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!
Ever since having Rory, I feel like I don't chat up about motherhood as much. As much as I love clothes and makeup and all the fluff in kids are my everything. So today I thought I would chat it up about Miss Rory and the fact that....HOW is she 8 months already!? Like WHOA. I mean it felt fast with Eli growing....but Rory being the second...its just too too fast! 

First I wanted to chat a little bit about one of our FAVORITE company's Little Spoon. We have been using Little Spoon for a little awhile now. I first tried it with Rory about 5-6 months and then again now. I have to say the company is amazing. If you want QUALITY nutrition right at your doorstep Little Spoon is exceptional. They offer a blueprint service to allow you to customize your child's meal plan delivered right to your doorstep! They  provide quality nutrition during the first 1000 days of a child's life because it is vital to build proper cognitive development. 

NOW this might be a little TMI but...MOM LIFE...Rory had been constipated for about 3 weeks. We gave her prunes...even a little water. Just praying she would poop!! I got her Little Spoon delivery and immediately started giving her the food. Literally that day she pooped!!! haha We were so excited and let me tell you SHE LOVESSS the food! Everything she has tried she absolutely loves! I have to say they are definitely blends that I would NEVER think to put together and she loves them!
Little Spoon offer baby blends that are made from over 80+ organic, locally sourced ingredients. 

Moving along with Rory, she is still not sleeping through the night. We have had quite trouble with her sleeping. We have tried maybe every method and she is just very resistant. I have to say SHE DOES stay on a schedule. I believe having a schedule really does help her. She naps at most an hour at a time. Most of the time we get maybe 30 minutes each nap and she naps 2-3 times in the day. Sooooo that is rough. She still also is NOT sleeping through the night. She usually just wakes once to feed and goes right back down. So it isn't too bad!

She is crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling herself up on EVERYTHING! She is super super active! I think she tries so hard to keep up with Eli because.....Eli is her FAVORITE! She just loves her big brother so much!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this little update on my little Rory!!!


Currently Craving: Yellow

August 06, 2018

Hey Everyone!!

Ok so my picture isn't reallly portraying the yellow feels I am getting. BUT I have some amazing pieces I have my eyes on! This beautiful marigold/gold yellow tone I have seen popping up all over for fall and back to school. I have to say I think it will be a hot color this fall and I LOVE it! I think its super pretty fall tone and will go with all my cognac and denim pieces in my closet!

Are you loving the yellow trend? Any pieces you have seen or wanted to grab?

My Skincare Mask Collection & Favorites

August 01, 2018

Hey Everyone!!!
Today I thought it would be super fun to share with you my stash of masks. YES I am addicted to masking. I love it and it is my treat to myself...usually on the weekends!

1. Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial. This is my NUMBER ONE mask I recommend to everyone! A whopping 25% AHA blend leaving you with the softest skin ever!!! It does have quite a be careful! Only leave this on for 20 minutes and no longer...but this is a little magic bottle giving you the best skin!

2. Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. This is a newer one I have been trying. It is AMAZING!!! Filled with antioxidants but leaves my skin so smooth and soft!!

3. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask. This is one of my favorite masks because it is quick and effective! You rub it into your skin and leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water. It makes your skin so glowy and even and bright! A great one when you don't have a lot of time!

4. Origins Drink-Up Intensive. This is an oldy but goody in my collection. A great basic hydrating mask when you need a hydration boost!

5. Glamglow Thirstymud. This one is a great hydrating mask as well. I actually prefer this one because it almost has a cooling effect to the skin. 

6. Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask. Whenever I have breakouts, I use this and BAM they are gone! This is an amazing mask that clears out all the gunk in my skin but doesn't strip the skin and leaves is smooth and silky!!! This is another absoulte FAVORITE!

7. BareMinerals Dirty Detox. I also use this one when I have breakouts. This literally sucks all the gunk out of your pores and clears breakouts. It does for me dry out my skin a little but not as bad as most mud masks!

8. ELF Hydrating Bubble Mask. This one is just fun. I don't think it does much for my skin but it is kind of fun to do! You apply it to wet skin and it bubbles up all over. It actually kind of tickles!

I also wanted to mention this little masking tool set! I know I know...its very EXTRA of me but I have to say I actually LOVE this little set!! This waffle cloth cleans off your mask so easily in one swipe!! No extra rubbing! This little brush as well is perfect contoured to your face so applying your mask goes on so evenly and easily with a mess on your hands! 

I hope you all enjoyed these little reviews!


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